Replacing a Lost Registration in Mississippi

The process for replacing a lost or stolen registration, license plates, or decals in Mississippi is fairly straightforward.

If your vehicle registration, tags, or license plate decals are lost or stolen, you will need to request a replacement from the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau (MVL). You can also replace your registration, plates, or decals if they are damaged and cannot clearly be read.

Driving your vehicle without its registration, license plates, or date stickers could result in being stopped by the police, and you could even get a ticket or fine for not having the appropriate registration materials in or on your vehicle.

Read below for more information about replacing your lost or stolen registration document, license plates, or decals from a Mississippi MVL office.

Replace a Lost Mississippi Registration

To replace your vehicle registration card, you'll just need to go to your local tax collector's office and request a replacement registration document. After you show valid identification (a driver's license or ID card, for example) and pay the small replacement fee, you'll be issued your new registration document.

You may find it helpful if you have your registration or license plate number when you go to the tax collector's office. You may be able to find this number on an old registration document, insurance documents, or even on vehicle service documents. While the MVL should be able to look up your registration information based on your ID, having the number handy when you visit can be helpful.

NOTE: If your vehicle title is lost or stolen, you can request a replacement title as well.

Lost or Stolen License Plates

If your vehicle tag or decal is lost or stolen, you should report it immediately at your local tax collector's office. You'll be given a form that must be completed by law enforcement. You'll also need to pay a fee of $10 for a new tag or $2.50 for a new decal.

The MVL will issue you a substitute license plate or decal. Be sure to get this as soon as possible so that you aren't driving a vehicle without a license plate or valid decal. If your vanity or personalized license plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, you can also have them replaced.

It is important that your local law enforcement agency is aware of lost or stolen license plates since they could be used fraudulently.

To get an exact total for the replacement fees for a lost registration, license plates, and/or decals, contact your local tax collector's office .

Additional Registration Replacement Information

If you have any additional questions about reporting or replacing your lost, stolen, or damaged registration documents, license plates, or decals, you can contact the MVL at (601) 923-7100, or call or visit your local tax collector's office.

Remember that quickly replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged registration, license plate, or decal can save you any hassle if your are stopped by a law enforcement office by ensuring that you are operating your vehicle legally on Mississippi's roads.

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