Replacing a Lost Registration in Mississippi

If you lost or damaged your MS registration, decal, or license plate, you’ll want to make sure you replace it through the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau (MVL) as soon as you can. But don’t worry—we’re here to help you through it.

Keep reading for instructions on replacing your lost registration items at your tax collector’s office.

Mississippi Duplicate Registrations

If you need a replacement registration certificate, visit your local tax collector’s office and request one.

You MAY be asked to provide your:

  • Driver’s license.
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Plate number.

You may also be charged a fee for your duplicate registration. Please contact your tax collector’s office to find specific fee information.

Replace MS License Plates & Decals

Replacing lost, damaged, or stolen plates and decals can be done in person at your tax collector’s office.

If you DO NOT have a damaged plate or decal to surrender, bring a completed Affidavit For Support of Credit: Application for Replacement Tag and/or Decal (Form 76-903) to a law enforcement agent BEFORE requesting your replacement from your tax collector.

Once you’re ready, visit the tax collector’s office and provide your:

You will receive a replacement plate and/or sticker.

Additional Registration Replacement Information

If you have any additional questions about reporting or replacing your lost, stolen, or damaged registration documents, license plates, or decals, you can contact the MVL at (601) 923-7100, or call or visit your local tax collector's office.

Remember that quickly replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged registration, license plate, or decal can save you any hassle if your are stopped by a law enforcement office by ensuring that you are operating your vehicle legally on Mississippi's roads.


Affidavit For Support of Credit (Application for Replacement Tag and/or Decal)
Request replacement Mississippi registration tags and/or decals OR credit for tags/decals on a vehicle you no longer own. Must be notarized.
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