Renewing Your CDL in Mississippi

If you have a commercial driver’s license, chances are you’re used to meeting deadlines. Make sure you stay out on the road by renewing your CDL before it expires with the Mississippi Driver Service Bureau (DSB).

Read on to learn what you need to do before applying for your renewal.

MS CDL Renewal Eligibility

Mississippi commercial driver’s licenses are valid for a period of 5 years, unless you have a Light Commercial Class D license, which is valid for 8 years.

If your CDL expires you must apply for a new CDL*.

You’re federally required to keep a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate (Form MCSA-5876) If you self-certify as a:

  • Non-excepted interstate driver.
  • Non-excepted intrastate driver.

Medical certificates typically expire every 2 years, unless otherwise specified by your examiner. Check out our guide to Mississippi CDL medical requirements for more information.

*Light Commercial Class D licenses can be renewed as late as 1 year after it expires without having to retest.

How to Renew Your MS CDL

If you have a Light Commercial Class D license, and you DID NOT renew online last time, you can renew online by using the web portal.

For all other commercial drivers, you must renew your Mississippi CDL by visiting your local driver licensing office.

You may be required to provide your*:

  • Current or recently expired CDL.
  • Proof of:
    • Mississippi residency.
    • Legal U.S. presence.
    • Social Security number.
  • Payment for the applicable CDL renewal fee(s). See the fees section below for a detailed breakdown of costs.

You will likely have to take a vision exam, so bring your glasses or contacts if you use them.

If you have a HAZMAT endorsement, you may be required to pass a written knowledge test and begin your fingerprint-based background check when you renew your CDL. Please contact your local office to ask about hazardous materials endorsement renewal requirements.

*Please contact the licensing office before you head out to find out which documents can be used and if there are any additional items they may require.

Mississippi CDL Renewal Fees

Here’s a list of fees involved with renewing a CDL in Mississippi:

  • CDL: $55.
  • Commercial Class D: $29.
  • Light Commercial Class D: $57.
  • Endorsements: $5 each.
  • Late fee: $1.


Medical Examiners Certificate
Certain types of Mississippi CDLs require that the driver complete and carry this medical certificate. Certificate must be completed by a physician
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