Scooters, Mopeds, Etc... in Mississippi

Titling a scooter or moped with the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau (MVL) Bureau is optional, but you must register for a tag (license plate) if you plan to drive such a vehicle on the roadways. Most people go ahead and title the scooter or moped at the same time; you'll need a title to sell the vehicle.

The process is much the same as registering a motorcycle. After purchase you must register your bike with your local tax collector's office. You'll need to provide the manufacturer's certificate of origin if the vehicle is new or the original title signed over to you if you bought a used vehicle.

You'll also need to provide a bill of sale and a current odometer reading.

You'll pay a registration fee, and the state also collects ad valorem, privilege, and sales tax based on the value and type of vehicle.

Fuel-Efficient Fun

Because of soaring gas prices, many people are looking for alternative means of transportation that use less fuel. Street-legal scooters and mopeds make great choices, and they're fun!

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