Motorcycle Registration in Mississippi

Before you can ride a motorcycle in Mississippi, you'll need to register it with the MS Department of Revenue (DOR). Use this guide to learn about registering your motorcycle as a new resident OR as a current resident who recently bought a bike.

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New Mississippi Residents

After establishing Mississippi residency, you have 30 days to register your motorcycle. If you do not register your motorcycle within the grace period, you could face a fine of $250 plus additional late fees.

To register your motorcycle, you'll need to provide the following items at your local county tax collector's office:

  • A completed:
    • Application for Title & Registration.
      • These forms are available at your county tax collector's office only and are not available online.
    • Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 78-015).
  • Your state-issued photo ID.
  • The motorcycle's current out-of-state title and registration.
    • If your motorcycle wasn't titled in your previous state, provide a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin.
    • If a lienholder currently has the title, provide the lienholder's name and address.
  • Payment for the $14 motorcycle registration fee PLUS any other applicable taxes and fees.

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Registering Your MS Motorcycle

The steps to registering your motorcycle with the Mississippi Department of Revenue will differ depending on if you purchased it from a dealership OR from a private seller. Below you'll find instructions for both scenarios.

Motorcycles from Dealerships

When you purchase a motorcycle from a MS dealership, the agent should handle the registration process for you. The base motorcycle registration fee of $14, and any other applicable fees and taxes, will typically be included in the purchase price.

Be sure to confirm the dealer doesn't need anything more from you to complete the registration. In some cases, the dealership may provide you with a temporary registration until your permanent registration and license plates arrive in the mail.

If the dealer doesn't automatically register your motorcycle, see our section on “ Motorcycles from Private Sellers" below.

Motorcycles from Private Sellers

When buying a motorcycle from a private seller, you must complete the registration process yourself.

The amount of time you have to register your bike depends on if you bought the motorcycle:

  • In your own MS county of residence: 7 business days from the purchase date.
  • Outside your county: 7 business days PLUS 48 hours from the sale date.

To register your motorcycle, visit your local county tax collector's office and provide the following:

  • The motorcycle's title signed by the buyer AND seller.
  • A completed:
    • Application for Title and Registration.
      • Can only be obtained at the county tax collector's office—not available online.
    • Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 78-015).
  • Your Mississippi motorcycle license.
  • Your motorcycle's vehicle identification number (VIN) for tax purposes.
  • The $14 base fee AND any other appropriate taxes and fees.

Though you aren't required to show proof of MS motorcycle insurance when applying for registration, you are required to carry it to legally operate your bike on Mississippi roads.

Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

Below are some of the MS Department of Revenue's basic motorcycle registration fees:


Odometer Disclosure Statement
Use this form to state the mileage on a vehicle you're selling in Mississippi.
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