Lost Traffic Ticket in Mississippi

Most often, you must contact the appropriate traffic court for details about your lost traffic ticket; however, some individual traffic court websites have an online traffic ticket search feature.

Find Your MS Traffic Court

Generally, municipal courts and justice courts handle traffic tickets in Mississippi. Mostly, your traffic court will depend on where you received your citation.

  • Municipal: Municipal courts handle citations issued within city limits.
  • Justice: Justice courts handle citations issued outside of a municipality (i.e. outside of city limits).

If you're not sure which traffic court is handling your citation—or you do know, but don't know the contact information—the Mississippi Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) might be able to find the information for you.

Determine Where You Got Your MS Traffic Ticket

If you don't know the precise location where you committed your traffic violation, pinpoint the county. This will serve as your starting point. If you were ticketed by a Mississippi sheriff or a MS highway patrol officer, your traffic ticket will have been forwarded to a county court. If you received a traffic ticket from a city police officer, your traffic violation will have been filed with the city's municipal court.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you think you were ticketed in or around Biloxi, but are unsure of the citing law enforcement agency, first try calling Biloxi's municipal court. If the traffic court has no record of your MS lost ticket, call Harrison County's justice court. To find tickets, you'll have to go this route.

It may take several days for the court to enter your citation into its database. However, you'll need to get in contact with the proper traffic court as soon as possible to get details about your lost ticket.

Lost Traffic Ticket Details

You must respond to your traffic ticket by the date printed on your citation; because you've lost your ticket, you'll need this detail—among others.

When you contact your traffic court, find out:

  • Whether your traffic violation requires a court appearance.
    • Some violations mean you must appear in court before you enter a plea.
    • Ask for the court location, the date, and the time.
  • Your traffic ticket's details, such as the:
    • Citation number. Generally, you need this number to pay your fine.
    • Exact violation. You might decide to challenge your ticket in court and even consult a traffic ticket attorney.
  • The exact amount you owe.
    • This will include the traffic ticket fine, and sometimes any associated fees and surcharges.
  • Your deadline to respond.
    • This means whether you'll plead “guilty" and pay or plead “not guilty" and set a hearing.
  • The payment options and methods for which you are eligible.
    • Mostly, this depends on the court handling your ticket.

Enter Your MS Traffic Ticket Plea

Now that you know all your lost traffic ticket details, it's time to figure out how you'll respond (i.e. the plea you will enter). Simply put, pleading “guilty" means you admit guilt and pay your fine outright, and pleading “not guilty" means you want to fight your ticket in court.

Refer to our Pay Traffic Ticket and Fight Traffic Ticket sections for details.

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