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Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements in Mississippi

Motorcyclists know that safety is a top priority when it comes to riding their bikes. Still, as safe as you can be there remains a chance that you could be involved in an accident. Because of this, it is a very good idea to have motorcycle insurance to help keep you financially protected in case you do get in a crash.

In fact, if you plan to operate your motorcycle or another two-wheeled vehicle on state roads, you must establish financial responsibility for it.

Ways to Establish Financial Responsibility

In order to establish financial responsibility and prove you’re capable of assuming liability for damages obtained during an accident, you must purchase motorcycle liability insurance from a provider licensed in Mississippi.

Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

You can’t operate your motorcycle or any other two-wheeled vehicle on state roads without properly registering and insuring it. If you need help with the definition of your vehicle or further information about its insurance requirements, please call the Department of Public Safety, Safety Responsibility Division at (601) 987-1255.

Mississippi Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Meeting the state’s minimum financial responsibility requirements is necessary to operate your motorcycle on state roads. To do this, purchase a liability insurance policy that provides:

    • $25,000 per person per single accident
    • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
    • $25,000 per accident for property damage

Remember, these are only the minimum requirements. As you are getting motorcycle insurance quotes, you should consider purchasing higher limits, especially if you own assets that can be lost in a lawsuit after a crash.

Optional Coverages

When shopping for motorcycle insurance you should note that by just meeting the states requirements you are only getting coverage for other people's property damage and injuries. Your own injuries and property damage are not covered by liability insurance.

To gain a more broad reaching motorcycle insurance policy, you should consider purchasing these common optional types of coverage:

  • Collision - This will help with repairs to your bike after a traffic accident.
  • Comprehensive - This coverage will help get your motorcycle repaired if it is damaged in certain types of non-accident related incidents.
  • Medical payments - If you are hurt in an accident on your motorcycle, this can help with medical costs.
  • Towing and labor - Motorcycles can break down. This coverage can help with emergency roadside assistance and towing.

How Coverage Affects Helmet Requirements

No matter how much insurance you have, you must wear a helmet whenever you operate a motorcycle, moped, or scooter. The state requires your helmet to be one approved by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility

You can prove financial responsibility with the valid insurance card your carrier issues you.

Unlike in some other states, you don’t have to show proof of financial responsibility when you apply for or renew your motorcycle registration. If a law enforcement officer pulls you over or you’re involved in an accident, you will need to show it.

Penalties for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

Mississippi imposes harsh penalties for motorcyclists with no proof of insurance. A first-time offense brings a fine and a driver license suspension.

Contact the MS DPS at (601) 987-1212 for more information about liability insurance requirements and what to do to if your registration is suspended.

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