State Regulations in Mississippi

Before you buy a car, do your homework. Determine what kind of car you need to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Be sure to check with insurance companies on the cost of insurance for particular cars that interest you; the costs can vary greatly depending on make, model, or year of car.

Buying a Car

When you purchase a car in Mississippi, you will need certain documents to register and title the car in your name. Be sure to get:

  • The original title signed over to you from the seller. If you are buying a new car, you'll need the manufacturer's certificate of origin.
  • An Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 78-015), stating the mileage on the car when you buy it.
  • Bill of sale.

After purchasing a car, you have 7 business days to register it with the state. Take the above documentation to your local tax collector's office and pay the appropriate fees.

In Mississippi, you'll pay registration fees of $14, a privilege tax, ad valorem taxes, and sales taxes. The tax amounts will be determined by the value of your car and the county in which you live.

The state gives you several options for car tags. Additional fees may apply to some specialty tags.

Buying Without a Title

If you are buying a used vehicle that wasn't previously titled or you did not receive a title, contact the Title Bureau at (601) 923-7640 for information about obtaining at title bond.

Tips for Buying a Car

  • Do homework before you buy. Determine the kind of car you want and can afford. Read consumer reports and compare prices.
  • Test drive each car. You need to know if you are comfortable behind the wheel and if the car performs to your expectations.
  • Arrange for a mechanic to look over the car. A professional can spot problems quickly and can answer questions you may have about its reliability or maintenance costs.
  • Once you've decided on a car, get a vehicle history report on it. This report provides a title search, accident report, lemon report, odometer check, and registration details. You just need to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Negotiate the price and don't pay more than you should. Know the value of the car you are buying.

Selling a Car

Selling a car in Mississippi is relatively easy. Before you do so, be sure to make copies of all the documents belonging to your vehicle to keep for your own records. When you sell the car, you may consider accepting only a certified check for payment; this protects you from a bouncing check and guarantees your money.

When the buyer takes possession of your car, you will want to provide the maintenance logs and any other paperwork associated with that vehicle.

Selling Without a Title

It can't be done. If you've lost, misplaced, or mutilated your title, you must get a duplicate by submitting an Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form 78-006) to your tax collector's office.

Selling Without a Registration

You are not required to submit a registration certificate to the buyer. But if you've let your registration slide, or if you've never registered your vehicle, you'll need to check with your tax collector's office to be sure you don't have any outstanding fees or fines. While the vehicle is titled in your name, you're still responsible for keeping it legal. Once you sell your vehicle, you'll turn in your tags and the new owner will register the vehicle with the tax collector's office.

Tips for Selling Your Car

  • Clean your car. A detailed cleaning may pay for itself by allowing you to up the price slightly.
  • Research the market value of your car before putting a price on it. Kelley Blue Book can give you values for your car; print these out for potential buyers.
  • Advertise your car. You can place classified ads online, in newspapers and auto trading magazines.
  • Make needed repairs. Buyers prefer cars that have been maintained regularly.
  • When you sell the car, remove the tag. You'll need to surrender it to your county tax collector because it is no longer valid. The buyer will need to purchase a new tag.
  • Provide a Bill of Sale to the new buyer. Along with your own information, you'll need to include the buyer's full name and address, and an odometer reading.
  • The buyer may provide one, but it would be wise to have an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 78-015) on hand; the current mileage is required to transfer the title.


Odometer Disclosure Statement
Use this form to state the mileage on a vehicle you're selling in Mississippi.
Replacement Certificate of Title
Request a duplicate Mississippi vehicle title from the Department of Revenue.
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