Paperwork When Selling a Car in Mississippi

Paperwork Required to Sell a Car in Mississippi

Selling a car in Mississippi comes with red tape and some unwritten rules that can save you time and money. We've created a comprehensive outline of all the basics, so you'll know what to expect.

Selling a Vehicle in Mississippi

Internet forums, mobile apps, and other forms of modern technology have made it easier than ever to sell your car in Mississippi. Don't take these resources for granted.

The first thing you'll need to do when you want to sell your car is to carefully examine its condition and do some research to find out its present market value. You'll then need to develop an effective advertising angle and be prepared to answer questions that potential buyers might have.

For more detailed information about preparing, organizing, and advertising your vehicle, check out this helpful guide.

Although special circumstances may come with different requirements, finalizing the deal requires a title transfer from you, the seller, to the buyer. See “Documents for MS Car Sellers" below.

Documents for MS Car Sellers

Even though you'll be selling your car independently, you must take the proper legal steps required by Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR). You will need to provide the buyer with:

  • The vehicle's certificate of title: You'll need to sign over the title of your vehicle in order to officially grant ownership to the buyer. The title transfer process includes filling out the information requested on the back of the title, including the current odometer reading, car model, purchase price, date of sale, and signatures from both you and the buyer.
  • Bill of sale: If the title assignment doesn't have a space for the purchase price, you will also need to provide a Mississippi bill of sale. The buyer will submit this to their local county tax collector when transferring the vehicle, who will use the information to determine the appropriate sales tax for the purchase.
  • Affidavit of Relationship: Although it's not required, the state of Mississippi strongly recommends completing an Affidavit of Relationship (available from the MS DOR) when selling a car to a spouse, parent, child, grandchild, or grandparent.

Duplicate Title in Mississippi

If you have lost your car title or otherwise cannot provide it to the buyer to transfer ownership of the vehicle, you will need to apply for a duplicate title. Otherwise, the sale is invalid and will not be recognized by the Mississippi DOR.

To apply for a duplicate title, you will need to fill out an Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form 78-006) and pay the required $9 fee. You can do this either in person at a MS DOR office or by mail (see application form for mailing details).

Regular processing time is about 4 weeks from the time the application is received by the MS Department of Revenue. If you wish to request a fast tracked title you will need to fill out a FAST TRACK Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form 78-026), and pay an additional $30. Your duplicate title certificate will be issued within 72 hours.

If you originally purchased the vehicle in Mississippi without a title and/or cannot obtain one, you will need to acquire a title bond. Contact the Mississippi Title Bureau at (601) 923-7640 for more information on completing this process.

For more information about obtaining a replacement certificate of title, visit our Replacing a Lost Title in Mississippi page.

Mississippi Vehicle History Report

Providing a full vehicle history report has become fundamental to selling a car in Mississippi, since few buyers would make a deal without it. Vehicle history reports assure the buyer of the vehicle's quality and value by revealing information such as possible theft, past accidents, repairs, and recalls.

For more information about the value of vehicle history reports and how to access one yourself, see our Vehicle History Reports in Mississippi page.

Transferring License Plates after a Sale

Once you sell your car in Mississippi, you cannot put your old plates on another vehicle, nor can the buyer use these plates themselves. Instead, Mississippi law requires that the plates be removed and surrendered to the tax collector in your county.

Forms for Easy Download

Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form 78-006)

FAST TRACK Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form 78-026)

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Fast Track Replacement Title Application
Request an expedited replacement Mississippi vehicle title from the Department of Revenue.
Replacement Certificate of Title
Request a duplicate Mississippi vehicle title from the Department of Revenue.
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