Salesperson License in Mississippi

Before You Begin

Only New Car Salespeople Need A License in MS

You only need a motor vehicle salesperson license in Mississippi if you sell vehicles for a dealer who sells new vehicles. If the dealer sells used vehicles, you will work under his or her license and do not need a salesperson license.

Things to Know

  • The Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission (MMVC) handles all motor vehicle licensing matters.
  • The MVC seeks salespeople who meet good moral character, honesty, and high ethical standards, as listed in Regulation Six: Standard for Salesperson.

The Salesperson License Application Process

While the MMVC handles all motor vehicle licensing matters, the dealer for whom you're working will help you apply for a motor vehicle salesperson license.

To begin the process, the two of you will complete an Application for License of Salesperson or Representative and mail it, along with applicable fees, to:

Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission

1755 Lelia Drive

Suite 200

Jackson, MS 39216

Salesperson License Fee

The application fee for a motor vehicle salesperson license is $10.

No Waiting Period or Temporary Permit

There is no set waiting period for your Mississippi motor vehicle salesperson license, nor is there a temporary permit. The turnaround is usually quick; typically, the MMVC responds to applications the same day they receive them. You can continue working for your dealer while you wait. You are required to display at your place of employment, or carry on your person, your salesperson license.

Obtaining a Duplicate Mississippi Salesperson License

If your Mississippi salesperson license becomes lost, destroyed, or stolen, your dealer will walk you through the steps to obtain a duplicate.

Be prepared to go through the same steps you took to obtain your original salesperson license.

Transferring Your Mississippi Salesperson License

To transfer your Mississippi salesperson license, complete a License as Salesman of New Motor Vehicles: Transfer Application Only and mail it, along with the applicable fee (listed on the form), to:

Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission

1755 Lelia Drive

Suite 200

Jackson, MS 39216

Where You Can Find More Information

Visit the MMVC website, and the following pages to learn more about the salesperson and dealer licenses:

  • Licensing Requirements: Learn more about how your boss operates.
  • Dealer Forms: Find forms for dealers and salespeople.
  • Dealer-related Information: Search the Code for regulations regarding the dealer and automobile industry, learn how to properly advertise, and find other licensed dealers near you.
  • Lemon Law: Make sure you understand how Mississippi's Consumer Protection Law protects consumers, dealers, and manufacturers.
  • Vehicle Code: Brush up on the Motor Vehicle Code of Mississippi.
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