Dealers Handbook in Mississippi

Find Information for Mississippi Vehicle Dealers

The Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission (MMVC) doesn't publish a vehicle dealers' handbook; however, both the MMVC website and DMV.ORG provide all the tools you need to get started as a dealer in Mississippi.

  • Licensing Requirements: The application process you follow depends on whether you want to sell new or used vehicles.
  • Dealer Forms: Here you'll gain access to forms for dealers, salespersons, and manufacturers.
  • Dealer-related Information: Learn about MMVC codes, proper advertisement, and how to find other dealers in your area.
  • MMVC Regulations: Find out about dealer obligations regarding delivery and preparation, sales guidelines, changes in dealership, and more.

Once you become a motor vehicle dealer in Mississippi, you need to stay on top of your game, right? Visit and bookmark these dealer-related sources.

  • Mississippi Lemon Law: Learn how the lemon law―or, Mississippi's Consumer Protection Law―affects consumers, dealers, and manufacturers.
  • Mississippi Vehicle Code: The Motor Vehicle Code of Mississippi covers important information for dealers, including vehicle titles and registration and Mississippi's financing laws.
  • Mississippi Automobile Dealers' Association: The MADA aims to provide a "collective voice" for dealers throughout Mississippi. BBB Business Review