Dealer-related Information in Mississippi

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The state of Mississippi devotes an entire section of the state Code, 63-17, to laws and regulations concerning car dealers, salesmen, manufacturers and distributors.

Topics covered in the Mississippi state Code include:

  • Creation, organization, and operation of the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission.
  • Licensing, applications, and fees.
  • Grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of licenses.
  • Penalties and appeals.
  • Recovery of damages.

The State also enforces a list of a dozen regulations concerning car dealers. These regulations cover obligations of dealers, off-premise sale guidelines, and standards for salesmen.

Advertising Guidelines For Vehicle Dealers in Mississippi

Car dealers can advertise vehicles for sale, but the ad contents are governed by the state. The Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission provides a Guide to Advertising to help you format your ads.

Active Dealers in MS

Mississippi provides an updated list of active car dealers online. You can access this list to find licensed dealers near you.

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