Applying for Special Plates in Mississippi

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Mississippi License Plate

You can apply for a special or personalized plate in Mississippi when you register your vehicle. You can also renew your custom plates in person or by mail; in some counties, you may be able to do so online. You can also transfer special tags to another vehicle if you are the owner. Custom tags typically have additional fees that apply upon initial purchase and often upon renewal.

Continue reading to learn more about how to apply for special tags in Mississippi.


How to Get Special Plates in Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR) allows you to apply for special or personalized tags at the same time you register your vehicle. You'll do this in person at your local county Tax Collector's office. You'll need to supply:

  • Proof/documents for your special tag.
    • Examples include documentation requirements for military and disabled plates. Contact your local tax collector's office for the required proof.
  • Payment for the fee.
    • A special plate fee will likely apply in addition to the initial registration fee of $14 (plus any county-specific fees/taxes).
    • Visit the MS DOR website and find your plate to view your fee.

For details, visit our Car Registration in Mississippi and Types of Special MS Plates pages.

NOTE: If you qualify for more than one kind of MS special tag, you can put each plate on a separate vehicle that you own. Exception: If you qualify for both the Pearl Harbor and Purple Heart plates, you may not request both.

Disabled Plates

Drivers with qualified disabilities are eligible for disabled parking plates. You must submit a Disabled Parking Application (Form 76-104) that has been filled out by your licensed doctor/nurse practitioner to your county Tax Collector when you register your car.

To learn more, visit our page on Mississippi disability plates and placards.

Disabled Veterans Plates

If you are a veteran, or the surviving spouse of a veteran, and you have verification of a 75% service-related disability from the Veteran's Affair board, you qualify for a Disabled American Veteran plate.

In Mississippi, Disabled American Veteran license plates come with:

  • A $1 fee.
  • An exemption for 1 vehicle owned by a qualified veteran from all privilege and ad valorem taxes.
    • NOTE: You can obtain more than one plate for other vehicles; however, all taxes and fees will apply to the additional plates.

Renewing and Replacing MS Special Plates

How to Renew Special Plates

You can renew your MS custom tags when you renew your registration. Remember, you must renew your plates before they expire.

Check your tags for the expiration date. You'll be penalized with late fees for not renewing within 15 days of the expiration date, even if you never got a renewal notice in the mail.

You can renew your registration:

Specialty plate fees may apply, in addition to the $12.75 renewal fee (plus county-specific fees and taxes).

Visit the MS DOR website to view your fee for your chosen MS plate. If your plate fee has an asterisk by it, the fee is NOT required at renewal.

To learn more about renewal, visit our page on renewing your registration in Mississippi.

How to Replace Special Mississippi Plates

If your MS custom tags get stolen or lost, you'll need to:

  • Obtain a lost or stolen tag form (Form 76-903) from your local Tax Collector.
  • Have the police complete the form.
  • Pay the applicable fees:
    • Plate and decal: $10.
    • Decal only: $2.50.

Transfer Special Plates in Mississippi

Your specialty plate can be reissued to another car IF you are the owner of that car. To do so, take the following to your tax collector office:

  • Your special plate and your title.
  • Your MS driver's license.
  • Fees.
    • You will need to pay the special plate fee as if you were buying it initially.


Disabled Parking Application
pply for a permanent OR temporary MS disabled parking placard OR license plate tag with the DOR. Must be completed by a physician.
Affidavit For Support of Credit (Application for Replacement Tag and/or Decal)
Request replacement Mississippi registration tags and/or decals OR credit for tags/decals on a vehicle you no longer own. Must be notarized.
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