Personal Action ItemsPersonal Action Items

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  • Change Your Address

    Update the DMV with your new address to ensure proper forwarding of important communications. You can do this online, by phone, by mail, and in person. Learn More
  • Military Members—Submit a Notification of Service

    If you are temporarily leaving New York due to change of station or deployment, submit a Notification of Military Service to the DMV by mail to keep your driver's license current in the DMV system. Your driver's license will be extended for 6 months after your return to the state or military discharge. Learn More
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  • Apply for a Driver's License

    You have 30 days to transfer your license in person at your local DHSMV office after establishing Florida residency. Make sure to bring proof of identity, residency, and SSN. Learn More
  • Transfer Your Teen License or Permit

    If you're under 18 years old, you'll need to meet Florida's GDL requirements to transfer your permit or license. Learn More
  • Register to Vote

    Update your voter registration at the DMV when you apply for your driver's license, or online through the registration system. Learn More
  • Update Your Organ Donor Status

    If you were a registered organ donor in your previous state, or wish to newly register as an organ donor, you can do so when you apply for your driver's license OR by signing up online. Learn More

VehicleVehicle Action Items

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  • Surrender Your License Plates

    AFTER you've arrived in your new state, mail your license plates back to the NY DMV. You'll need to include a Plate Surrender Application and mail your items to the address listed on the form. Learn More
  • Refund Your Registration

    You may be eligible for a refund on the remaining portion of your registration fees. When you mail back your plates, include a completed refund request, as well as your NY registration certificate. Learn More
  • Obtain a Lien Release or Title Record

    Contact your lienholder to obtain a lien release, if applicable; if the lien is not yet satisfied, make sure to inform your lienholder that you're moving to another state and request a copy of your title for transfer to your new state.
  • Military Members—Renew Your Registration

    If you plan to keep your vehicle registered in NY while moving out of state for military service, you can renew up to 60 days after you return to the state. You can also have a family member renew for you while you're gone. Learn More
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  • 1)Update Your Car Insurance

    Contact your auto insurance provider to update your coverage to Florida's minimum requirements BEFORE applying for a title and registration. Find a Provider
  • 2)Transfer Your Title & Registration

    You have 30 days to visit your local DHSMV office in person title and register your car in Florida. Bring your out-of-state registration, proof of ownership, and VIN verification, plus any other applicable documents (lien release, etc.). Learn More

Relocation ServicesRelocation Services

  • Schedule Your Auto Transport

    Instead of putting extra miles, wear, and tear on your vehicle, you can have it shipped to your new state of residence. Find an Auto Shipper
  • Find a Moving Company

    Connect with a reputable mover who will pack up and transport your belongings from your old home to your new—saving you tons of time and stress. Find a Mover
  • Order Moving Boxes & Supplies

    Make sure to order a variety of box sizes and shapes to pack up your valuables—and don’t forget cushioning to protect fragile items. Find a Supplier Find a Supplier
  • Rent a Moving Truck

    Prefer to be a DIY mover? Make sure you have the right wheels to get you from point A to point B... with enough space for all of your things. Reserve a Truck
  • Schedule a Junk Removal Appointment

    Say goodbye to clutter, and have a junk removal company take away your old items that won’t be moving with you. Schedule a Removal

Home Service IconHome Services

  • Purchase Home Insurance

    Protect your belongings and new home with an affordable policy that gives you the coverage you need. Find a Provider
  • Purchase Renters Insurance

    Protect your belongings and new home with an affordable policy that gives you the coverage you need. Find a Provider
  • Set Up a Home Security System

    Keep your family and your new home safe by setting up a security system to alert you of any suspicious activity. Find Home Security Providers
  • Find a Storage Company

    If your new digs are shorter on space, renting out a storage unit can help you keep important items until you find them a permanent home. Find a Storage Facility
  • Connect Your Internet & Cable/Satellite Service

    Once you’re settled, schedule an appointment with your local satellite or cable and Internet service, so you can surf the web and keep up with your favorite shows.
  • Set Up Your Utilities

    Turn on your lights and get your faucet flowing by connecting your new utility services such as gas, electric, and water. Connect Your Utilities
  • Schedule Trash & Recycling Pick-Up

    Contact your municipal sanitation department to have recycling bins delivered to your new home and find out your local trash and recycling collection schedule.