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SUMMARY: Motorcycle Manual

Before applying for a motorcycle license in your state, be sure to read the DMV's Motorcycle Manual. In addition to giving you instructions on applying for your license, you will find important information about traffic laws in your state and other rules regarding motorcycles.

If you want to ride a motorcycle, you'll need to read the Motorcycle Manual provided by your state's DMV office. As a motorcycle rider, you will have different traffic safety laws to follow, and the motorcycle license application process will likely be different to obtaining a regular driver's license.

NOTE: Not all states offer a motorcycle manual. Some states include motorcycle information within their Driver's Handbook, or have other information on their DMV websites.

Within the Motorcycle Manual, you should find information about:

  • Applying for your motorcycle license, including:
    • Fees.
    • Required documents.
    • Examinations.
  • Safety requirements, such as:
    • Helmets.
    • Eye protection.
    • Clothing.
  • Insurance requirements.
  • Registration requirements.
  • Safety inspections, if required.
  • State traffic laws and other rules specific to motorcycles.
  • Motorcycle maneuvers.

You may need to read the Motorcycle Manual in conjunction with your state's Driver's Handbook, depending on how much information about traffic laws is included within each.

Motorcycle Manuals may also include practice questions to help you pass your DMV written knowledge exam. You may also find maneuvers you may need to practice to ready yourself for the road skills test.

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