Apply for a License (Under 18) in Missouri

COVID-19 Effects on Licensing Services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, state DMVs nationwide have closed driver licensing offices, extended license and registration expiration dates, and/or limited the transactions they are processing. If possible, residents should use the DOR's online services to complete any relevant transactions. Follow the DOR's most recent updates for the latest information.

Applying for a Missouri Teen Driver's License

In the state of Missouri, the driver's licensing process is regulated by the MO Department of Revenue (DOR). Teens have the opportunity to obtain a Missouri learner's permit and driver's license after meeting a series of requirements designed to foster safe, responsible decisions from new drivers behind the wheel.

New to Missouri?

New teen residents of Missouri under 18 years old with a valid out-of-state driver's license may transfer it and receive a MO intermediate license. However, if you are applying for a Missouri license within 30 days of your 18th birthday, you will be issued a full MO driver's license.

You will need to visit your local MO driver license office and present the following:

  • Your out-of-state driver's license, which must either be current or expired for no more than 184 days.
    • If you have lost or misplaced your out-of-state license, you must request and submit a Clearance Letter from your previous state.
  • Proof of name, birth date, and birthplace (e.g. certified U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, certificate of citizenship).
  • Your Social Security num
  • Proof of MO residency (e.g. paycheck, bank statement, utility bill – can be presented by your parent/guardian if you do not possess official documents).
  • Payment for the appropriate license fee:
    • Class F intermediate license (Minimum age of 16 years old): $11.
    • Class F driver's license (Over 18 years old): $13.50.

We have more information for new Missouri residents on our New Resident page, including details on changing your address and registering your vehicle in Missouri.

About the Missouri GDL Program

Missouri is one of many states throughout the country that has implemented a graduated driver's licensing (GDL) program, which outlines a process of steps that teens must complete in order receive full driving privileges. In Missouri, teens must first obtain a MO learner's permit, then an intermediate driver's license, before being issued a full Missouri driver's license.

Driver's Education in Missouri

Formal classroom driver's education is not required in Missouri. However, teens do have to complete 40 hours of supervised driving with a qualified licensed adult or driving instructor, including 10 hours driven at night.

While Missouri Driver's Ed may not be a requirement toward getting a MO driver's license, it is an unparalleled way to gain the essential education necessary to make responsible and timely decisions behind the wheel. Taking an online MO driver's education course is a good way to learn the lessons you need to know, but from your home computer on your own time and pace.

MO Driver's License Age Requirements

15 years old: eligible for an instruction permit.
16 years old: eligible for an intermediate license.
18 years old: eligible for the full driver's license for drivers under 21 years old.

Missouri Instruction Permit

To get an instruction permit in Missouri (also referred to as a learner's permit), you must be at least 15 years old. Before you apply for your permit, however, you must first visit a State Highway Patrol (MSHP) examination station to take:

  • A vision test.
  • A road signs exam.
  • A written knowledge test.

You can prepare for these exams by studying the Missouri Driver Guide, but you can ensure passing on your first attempt by taking an online practice test from our approved partner.

After you pass your MO permit exams, you'll receive a Driver Examination Record (Form DOR-100) indicating that you successfully passed all required tests. With this form, visit your local Missouri license office with your parent/guardian and:

  • Submit proof of name, birth date, and birthplace (e.g. certified U.S. birth certificate, original U.S. passport, certificate of citizenship).
  • Provide your Social Security number.
  • Present proof of Missouri address/residency (bank statement, paycheck, parent's utility bill).
  • Complete an application for a driver's license/instruction permit (available only at your MO driver license office).
  • Submit your Driver Examination Record (Form DOR-100).
  • Payment for the $7 permit fee.

You'll receive an instruction permit that will allow you to begin your driving practice with a qualified driver (see “Instruction Permit Driving Restrictions" below). Your Missouri learner's permit is valid for one year from the date of issue, and you must hold your permit for a minimum of 182 days before you are eligible to apply for an intermediate driver's license.

MO Instruction Permit Driving Restrictions

Some of your driving restrictions while holding a Missouri instruction permit are based upon your age.

Drivers under 16 years old:

  • May only drive with a qualified person (parent/legal guardian, licensed driving instructor) or a qualified driver at least 25 years old with at least 3 years of fully licensed driving experience who has been designated by your parent/guardian.

Drivers 16 years old and older:

  • May drive with a licensed adult at least 21 years old.
    • Your supervisor must have their valid driver's license with them at all times while driving with you.

Regardless of age, you must always follow the below driving restrictions:

  • You must always carry your MO instruction permit with you while driving.
  • Your supervising driver must be in the front seat.
  • All occupants of the vehicle must wear a seat belt at all times.
  • You may not carry any other passengers other than your qualified driver.

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Requirements

With your Missouri learner's permit, you will be required to complete 40 hours of behind-the-wheel practice, including 10 hours of practice being driven at night between sunset and sunrise.

Your parent/guardian or qualified driving instructor will need log those hours to verify compliance with GDL requirements. The Missouri DOR provides a Driver Experience Log (Form 4901) to help you and your supervisor track your practice hours.

Missouri Intermediate Driver's License

Once you are at least 16 years old, you're eligible to apply for an intermediate Missouri driver's license and take your behind-the-wheel road test. You must also have met the following requirements:

  • You must have held your learner's permit for at least 182 days.
  • You must have completed 40 hours of supervised driving practice, including 10 hours of night driving.
  • You may NOT have had any alcohol-related convictions in the previous 12 months.
  • You may NOT have had any traffic tickets/violations in the previous 6 months.

NOTE: If you're applying for your driver's license more than one year after taking the written and vision exams for your instruction permit, you will need to retake them again at your local State Highway Patrol examination station before applying for your intermediate driver's license.

To apply for your Missouri intermediate license, visit your local MO driver license office with your parent/guardian and submit the following:

  • Your valid, unexpired learner's permit.
  • Completed application for a MO driver's license (available only at your driver license office).
  • Proof of completion for your required behind-the-wheel driving hours.
    • Your parent/guardian must sign the back of your license application to provide verification of your driving hours.
  • Proof of name, birth date, and birthplace (e.g. certified U.S. birth certificate, original U.S. passport, certificate of citizenship).
  • Social Security number.
  • Proof of Missouri address/residency (bank statement, paycheck, parent's utility bill).
  • Payment for the $11 license fee.

You will also need to bring proof of insurance and Missouri vehicle registration for the vehicle you will be taking your road test in. Your examiner will give you specific instructions for your road test, which you must pass with a score of 80% or higher.

You will receive a temporary intermediate driver's license, and should receive your actual intermediate license in the mail within 10 business days.

MO Intermediate License Driving Restrictions

While you may now drive unsupervised in Missouri, you must still adhere to the following restrictions until you are 18 years old:

  • You must always carry your intermediate license with you while driving.
  • You may not drive between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., unless you're accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years old, OR you are traveling from school, work, or due to an emergency.
  • You and your passengers must wear seat belts at all times.
  • For the first 6 months, you may only have one passenger under 19 years old in your vehicle who is not an immediate family member.
  • After the first 6 months, you may only have up to 3 passengers under 19 years old in your vehicle who are not immediate family members.

Full Missouri Driver's License (Under 21)

To upgrade to your full Missouri driver's license, you must be at least 18 years old, and you may not have had any traffic tickets or alcohol-related violations within the 12 months prior to applying.

NOTE: If you are applying for your Missouri driver's license at 18 years old without having gone through the GDL process listed above, you'll need to take the vision, written, and road sign exams at a State Highway Patrol examination center before applying. You will also be required to take a road test at the driver license office. For details, please see our Missouri adult driver's licensing page.

To apply, visit your local driver license office and:

  • Present your valid Missouri intermediate driver's license.
  • Provide proof of name, birth date, and birthplace (e.g. certified U.S. birth certificate, original U.S. passport, certificate of citizenship).
  • Provide your Social Security number.
  • Submit proof of Missouri address/residency (bank statement, paycheck, parent's utility bill).
  • Pay the $13.50 MO driver's license fee.

You will receive a temporary Missouri driver's license that will be attached to your intermediate license, and your intermediate license will be punched “VOID." Your permanent MO driver's license should arrive in the mail within 10 business days.

Follow our new license checklist to track and share your progress.

Missouri Teen Car Insurance

You must have auto insurance to legally drive throughout the state of Missouri. The type of insurance you require will depend upon what kind of permit or license you're currently driving with, and will change as you gain more personal responsibility on the road.

Adding a teen driver to a family policy has the potential to significantly increase that policy's rates, so it's important to shop around with multiple auto insurance companies to find the rate that best fits your needs.

MO Instruction Permit Insurance

When driving with an instruction permit in Missouri, it is likely that you are covered under the auto insurance of your supervising driver. However, this may not always be the case, so make sure to check your supervising driver's policy to find out if you're covered while driving with them.

If not, either they must change their policy, add you to their policy, or you must find an alternative supervising driver whose auto insurance policy covers you.

MO Intermediate & Full Driver's License Insurance

You must show proof of insurance when applying for your driver's license and taking your road test. You can obtain your own auto insurance if you choose, or you can ask your parent to add you to the family policy.

There may be opportunities for you and your family to qualify for discounts from your insurance company—whether by signing up for a new policy, adding yourself to your parents' policy, or by exploring other options. For more information about discounts, rates, and coverage, visit the following pages:

Teen Guide To Car Insurance
Buying Car Insurance for Teens
Auto Insurance Discounts

MO Teen Motorcycle & Moped Licenses

You are eligible to apply for a Missouri motorcycle permit when you are 15 years old. All applicants under 16 years old must first complete a state-approved Motorcycle Rider Training Course (MRTC) before applying. You must follow all GDL requirements and steps listed above to obtain your permit, plus pass a Class M written motorcycle exam and pay the $9.25 Class M permit fee.

Teens under 16 years old with a Class M motorcycle permit must follow the below restrictions:

  • You may not ride with any passengers.
  • Your motorcycle may have an engine no bigger than 250 cc.
  • You may only drive within 50 miles from your residence.
  • You may only ride during daylight (i.e. you may NOT drive from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise).

If you choose not to take the MRTC, you must be at least 16 years old before applying for a motorcycle permit. Your permit fee will be $7.

Your Class M permit is only temporary, and is valid for 6 months. Once you feel you have obtained enough riding practice, you may go to your local driver license office to obtain your Class M motorcycle endorsement and take your on-cycle riding exam.

NOTE: If you DO NOT already have your Class F intermediate license, you will be required to also take the Class F written exam and behind-the-wheel driving test.

More details and information on obtaining a motorcycle license in Missouri can be found on our MO Motorcycle License page.


Driver Examination Record
Driving test record you must submit to the Department of Revenue when applying for your first permit or MO driver's license. Must be completed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
Driver Experience Log
Use this form to log the practice driving hours needed to earn a Missouri driver's license.
Parent or Guardian Permission Statement
Parents/legal guardians: Use this DOR form to give a qualifying adult permission to provide driving instruction to a new teen driver.
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