Suspended License in Missouri

Driver License Suspension in Missouri

If the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) suspended your driver's license, you'll need to satisfy your suspension requirements to reinstate it.

Your driver's license may be suspended for reasons including:

  • Accumulating too many driving record points.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol.
  • Refusing to submit to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test.
  • Speeding and reckless driving.

On this page you'll find information about your suspension and how to reinstate your license.

About Your Suspended License in Missouri

The duration of your MO driver's license suspension will vary depending on your offense.

NOTE: If you were convicted of a crime, you may also face additional court requirements and fines.

When your driver's license is suspended, the Missouri DMV will mail you a suspension notice, which includes information about your offense and how to reinstate your license.

If you accumulate 8 points on your driving record within 18 months, your license will be suspended for:

  • 30 days: 1st suspension.
  • 60 days: 2nd suspension.
  • 90 days: 3rd suspension.

Your driver's license may be suspended for 1 year or more for violations including:

  • Speeding and reckless/careless driving.
  • Violating insurance laws and failing to maintain minimum financial liability.
  • DUI offenses and refusing to submit to a BAC test.

Check Your Driver License Status

You can find information about your suspension by ordering your driving record at any MO DMV office or by calling (573) 526-2407.

Your driving record will contain information about your offense/suspension, the dates your violations occurred, and any points added to your driving record.

MO Suspension Hearings and Appeals

If you want to contest your driver's license suspension, you can request a Missouri DOR administrative hearing.

You must request a hearing within 15 days of receiving your suspension notice for alcohol-related suspensions.

Mail your hearing request to:

Administrative Hearing Section
301 West High Street - Room 470
PO Box 3500
Jefferson City MO 65105

For more information, please contact the Missouri DMV:

NOTE: MO DOR administrative hearings have no effect on court decisions. To appeal suspensions caused by court convictions, contact the court that served your suspension within 30 days.

Looking for an Attorney?

Whether your license has been suspended for points, major traffic violations, or DUI, an experienced attorney can help you get back on the right track. Find an attorney near you today.

Reinstate Your Suspended MO License

Your reinstatement requirements for your Missouri suspended driver's license will vary depending on your offense.

To reinstate your license, you may need to do any or all of the following:

  • Retake and pass the driving skills and knowledge tests.
  • File an SR22 insurance form and maintain coverage for 3 years after your suspension ends.
  • Complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP), if applicable.
  • Install an ignition interlock device, if you have been convicted of multiple alcohol-related offenses.
  • Pay your reinstatement fees. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your Missouri License" below.)

You can submit your documents and payment:

  • In person to:
      Truman State Office Building , Jefferson City, Missouri
    Driver License Bureau

    301 West High StreetRoom 470

  • By mail to:
      PO Box 200 Jefferson City, Missouri 65105-0200
    Driver License Bureau

NOTE: You can pay your reinstatement fees by calling the Missouri DMV at (573) 526-2407.

Obtain a Restricted MO Driver's License

Depending on the circumstances of your suspension, you may be eligible for a limited driving privilege (LDP) that allows you to drive to and from authorized locations including work and school.

To apply for a restricted driver's license:

  • Complete an Application for Limited Driving Privilege (Form 4595).
  • File an SR22 insurance form, if necessary.
  • Install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, if necessary.
  • Mail your completed form to the address specified on the form.

The MO DOR will review your application within 5 business days and mail the decision to you.

NOTE: You can also apply for a restricted driver's license through your local court. Contact the court for more information.

Fees to Reinstate Your Missouri License

Below are general reinstatement fees collected by the Missouri DMV for your suspended Missouri driver license. Your fees may vary depending on your circumstances.

  • $20, for violations including:
    • Moving violations (not alcohol related).
    • Accident judgments.
    • Failure to file an accident report.
    • Failure to appear.
    • Failure to maintain an ignition interlock device.
  • $45, for violations including:
    • Alcohol-related offenses.
    • Refusing to submit to a BAC test.
    • Fuel theft.
  • Reinstatement fees relating to insurance violations include:
    • $20 to $400 for failing to maintain minimum car insurance, depending on the number of offenses you've had.
    • $150 for giving false insurance information.

For more fee information, visit the Missouri DOR websiteor contact your local DOR office.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The Missouri DOR accepts the following forms of payment for driver's license reinstatements:

  • In person:
    • Cash.
    • Check.
    • Money order.
    • MasterCard.
    • Discover.
    • American Express.
  • By mail: Check or money order payable to “Missouri Department of Revenue."
  • By phone: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards.

NOTE: Credit/debit card transactions carry a convenience fee.


Application for Limited Driving Privileges
If eligible, request limited driving privileges from the Department of Revenue after your MO driver's license has been suspended or revoked.
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