Replacing a Lost License in Missouri

Replacing a Lost Driver's License in Missouri

It's crucial to replace your lost or stolen driver's license, permit, or identification (ID) card with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) as soon as possible.

You can't legally drive without a license or permit, and each of these items represent a main source of photo identification.

Upgrading to a REAL ID

If you wish to replace a non-compliant license with a REAL ID-compliant license, follow the steps for a first-time license application.

Report Your Lost or Stolen MO Driver License, Permit, or ID

You don't have to officially report your lost or stolen driver's license, permit, or ID card to the DOR. Applying for a new one is sufficient notification.

Missouri doesn't require you to report it to the police, either, but the DOR does recommend it. Reporting your stolen license is one of the first steps toward fighting identity theft.

Replace Your Lost or Stolen MO License, Permit, or ID

If you're currently in Missouri, you must replace your lost or stolen license, permit, or ID card in person. There are no exceptions.

If you're an out of state military member or dependent stationed out of state or overseas, you can apply by mail. Go to “Out-of-State or Military License Replacement" below. If you are a resident, who is out of state and need to replace your license, contact the Department of Revenue at (573) 526-2407.

NOTE: If your license or ID is set to expire within the next 6 months, you'll renew it instead of replace it. Learn more at our page on Renewing Your License in Missouri.

In Person

To apply for a duplicate, visit your nearest DOR office with:

  • 1 document to prove your identity.* The DOR provides a list of acceptable documents:
    • The DOR prefers but doesn't require identification with a photo, such as a military or student ID card. Other acceptable forms include your:
      • Certified birth certificate. (No hospital duplicates.)
      • Social Security card.
    • Non-U.S. citizens might need additional proof, such as the Resident Alien Card or Employment Authorization Document.
    • Drivers with name changes will need to present legal documentation such as a certified marriage license or divorce decree.
  • Proof of residency. Examples include:
    • Voter registration card.
    • Bank statement.
    • Government or private-company pay stub.
  • Payment for the applicable fee:
    • Identification Card: $18.
    • Instruction Permit:
      • Class E, F, or M: $7.
      • Class A, B, or C: $16.
    • Intermediate License: $11.
    • Driver License:
      • Class A, B, or C: $26 (3 years); $32 (6 years).
      • With “S" endorsement: $13.50.
      • Class E: $21 (3 years); $27 (6 years).
      • With “S" endorsement: $11.
      • Class F: $13.50 (3 years); $19.50 (6 years).

*Acceptable forms of payment vary by office. Call ahead to your local DOR office.

You won't need to take any tests or have your photo taken, unless you're renewing your license instead of replacing it.

You'll receive a temporary paper license to use until your permanent duplicate license arrives in the mail. This license will have the same expiration as your old license.

Apply for a Temporary Driving Permit (TDP)

Missouri provides a Temporary Driving Permit (TDP) for drivers with special circumstances.

For example, if you've lost your MO driver license and are permanently moving out of state next month, you might apply for a TDP.

To apply:

  • Download and print the Request from Record Holder (Form DOR-4681).
  • Complete all sections applicable to you, making sure to:
    • Include your present mailing address—NOT your Missouri mailing address.
    • Check the “Other" box and print “Temporary Driving Permit."
  • Have the document notarized.Send your application to the DOR. For Temporary Driving Permits, the DOR requests you fax your application to (573) 522-8174 or mail it to the address listed on the document.

Temporary Driving Permits are free.

Out-of-State or Military License Replacement

If you're currently out of state for travel or work, or you're in the military or a military dependent stationed out of state, you can replace your license by mail.

To apply for a duplicate license by mail:

  • Download, print, and complete Mail-In Driver License Application (Form 4317). Make sure to complete the sections for:
    • Social Security number.
    • Out-of-state mailing address.
  • Obtain and include copies of the same kinds of proofs of identity and Missouri residency as outlined above. (See “Replace Your Lost or Stolen MO License, Permit, or ID" above.)
    • Military: You or your dependent must also include proof of military status. A photocopy of your military ID card is sufficient.
  • Write a personal check or obtain a money order, cashier's check, or traveler's check for the applicable fee (see “Replace Your Lost or Stolen MO License, Permit, or ID" above.)
  • Mail the application and payment to the address listed on the form.
    • Military: Be sure to include “MIL" in the address, as indicated on the form.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in MO

You can replace your commercial driver license (CDL) in person or by mail (only if you're out of state), as outlined above.

When you apply to replace your CDL, you must indicate either in person or on the application your type of commercial vehicle operation:

Understand that replacing your CDL might take a little longer than replacing a regular driver's license. This is because the DOR requests information about driver status from the National Driver Register and the Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) before issuing any commercial driver a duplicate CDL.


Request From Driver License Record Holder
Request Missouri driving records from the Department of Revenue.
Mail-In Driver License Application
Use this form to apply for a renewed OR replacement Missouri driver's license with the DOR. Applies to out-of-state members of the military and/or their families.
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