Renewing Your CDL in Missouri

If your job requires you to drive a commercial vehicle, keeping a valid CDL is a top priority. Make sure you stay out on the road by renewing your CDL before it expires.

The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) handles commercial driver’s license applications and renewals.

MO CDL Renewal Eligibility

You have until your CDL expiration date to renew your Missouri commercial driver license. After it expires, you’ll have to apply for a new CDL.

If you have a HAZMAT endorsement, you’ll need to begin the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) background check at least 60 days before your expiration date to finish the process in time.

HAZMAT Endorsement Holders

If you have a HAZMAT endorsement for your MO CDL, you’re required to pass a TSA background check every 5 years. For information, check out our page on HAZMAT endorsements.

If you self-certify as a non-excepted commercial driver, you’re required to keep a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate (Form MCSA-5876) on file with the DOR. Medical certificates typically expire every 2 years unless your examiner decides to set the expiration date sooner based on your medical condition. Our page on CDL medical requirements in Missouri has the details you need to complete this process.

The expiration date of your Missouri commercial driver’s license is set based on your age and the type of endorsements you have.

If you are:

  • Under 21 years old: Your CDL is valid for 3 years.
  • Over 21 thru 69 years old AND you are a:
    • Standard CDL holder: Your license is valid for 6 years.
    • HAZMAT-endorsed CDL holder: Your license is valid for 5 years.
      • It expires the date your TSA background check expires.
  • 70 years old or older, AND you are a:
    • Standard CDL or HAZMAT-endorsed CDL holder: Your license is valid for 3 years.
    • School bus-endorsed CDL holder: Your license is valid for 1 year.

How to Renew Your MO CDL

To renew your Missouri commercial driver’s license, visit your local DOR office and provide your:

Once you have all of the above items assembled, you can head on into a DOR office. When you are there, you’ll need to:

  • Pass a vision exam.
  • Certify the type of driving you’ll be doing.
  • Pass a written HAZMAT knowledge test, IF you’re renewing a HAZMAT endorsement.

Missouri CDL Renewal Fees

Here’s a list of the fees associated with renewing your CDL in Missouri:

  • License fee:
    • Valid for more than 6 years: $52.
    • Valid for 3 years or less: $26.
  • School bus CDL valid for 1 year: $11 for drivers 70 years old and older.
  • Knowledge test (required to renew a HAZMAT endorsement): $25.
  • TSA HAZMAT background check: $86.50.


Medical Examiners Certificate
Medical certificate Missouri commercial drivers must carry. Requires a medical professional’s signature.
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