Moving Out of State in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) is committed to accurate record keeping. You are required to send an e-mail to with the following information if you plan to move out of state:

  • Your old and new addresses, including your new county of residence
  • Your full legal name
  • Your Social Security number

It is also recommended that you file an official change of address with the U.S. Postal Service.

You do not need to turn in your Missouri driver's license or vehicle registration until you receive updated documentation from your new state of residence.

Just Moved?

Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV.

Surrendering License Plates

You are not required to return your Missouri license plates after relocating to a new state.

Getting Settled in Your New Home

Make life a little bit easier by visiting our New to Your State? section, with valuable, state-specific information about getting you and your car settled.

Once you arrive in your state of residence, you'll want to visit the nearest driver's license exam station as soon as possible to obtain your new license. Generally, an appointment is not necessary, but call ahead to confirm the station's office hours and inquire about any necessary proof of identity requirements.

To get a new vehicle registration, you'll need to produce the title, proving you are the legal owner. If you have lost your original Missouri title, you can obtain a duplicate by completing the Application for Missouri Title and License and checking the "duplicate" box. Mail the completed application and payment for all applicable fees to:

  • Motor Vehicle Bureau
  • 301 West High Street P.O. Box 2046
  • P.O. Box 100
  • Jefferson City, MO 65105-0100

Temporary Relocations

You are not automatically considered a resident of a state unless you live in the area permanently, accepted a permanent job, registered to vote, or enrolled your children in school. In addition, if you are a full-time student attending an out-of-state university or an active duty member of the United States military, you are still considered a Missouri resident, regardless of your temporary relocation.

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