Registration Renewal in Missouri

Missouri Registration Renewal

Time to renew your Missouri vehicle stickers and registration certificate? This page will help you with the process and give you information about renew methods, forms you’ll need to bring, and the likely fees you’ll need to pay.

If you’re new to Missouri, or if you’ve just purchased a new vehicle that you have yet to register for the first time in Missouri, jump over to our MO Car Registration page for all the details.

MO Registration Renewal Notice

The Department of Revenue (DOR) will send you a renewal notice form before your registration expires. The information on the renewal notice will tell you when you must renew, what options you have to renew, and if you need any vehicle inspections.

Didn’t Receive a Renewal Form?

If you didn’t receive your renewal notice, you may use an Application for Motor Vehicle License (Form 184) to renew instead. The customer service representatives at the license office can help you figure out if you need any vehicle inspections in order to renew.

Renewing Your MO Vehicle Registration

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You’ll need to renew your registration and plates either during or before the month that they expire. As long as you don’t need a safety or emissions test, you can renew your vehicle registration and plates up to 6 months before your expiration date.

You can renew your registration online, by mail, or in person at your local DOR licensing office. Your renewal notice will let you know which options are available to you. You can check the status of your registration renewal by contacting the MO DOR.

If you are currently out of state and need to renew your Missouri registration tabs, please see “Renewal for Out-of-State Residents” section below.

Renew Online

You may be able to renew your plates online if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your renewal notice includes a personal identification number (PIN).
  • Your registration is current or has been expired for less than 90 days.
  • You have paid your property taxes and the information has been submitted to the DOR.
    • Check the state’s list of counties to see if yours participates in this program.
  • You have a credit card, debit card, or electronic check for payment.
    • There will be a $0.25 fee plus 2.0% added for credit/debit cards for a transaction. There is a  $.50 additional fee for e-checks.

If you qualify, renew online by:

  • Visiting the Department of Revenue’s online renewal page.
  • Providing your PIN and license plate number.
  • Following the ensuing prompts and paying your registration fees.

Renew by Mail

To submit your renewal by mail:

  • Send in a completed renewal notice, or an Application for Motor Vehicle License (Form 184) if you did not receive a notice.
  • Submit all applicable vehicle safety or emissions inspection documents completed within the last 60 days.
  • Provide your personal property tax receipt.
    • You are required to submit the previous year's receipt for 1 year renewals or a receipt for the last 2 years for a 2 year renewal.
  • Submit proof of current Missouri auto insurance.
  • Payment for all registration fees (see “Vehicle Registration Fees” below).
  • Send everything to:
    • Motor Vehicle Bureau
    • 301 West High Street P.O. Box 2046
    • Jefferson City, MO 65101

Renew in Person

If you don’t qualify for online or mail-in renewal, or if you’d prefer to renew in person, you’ll need to visit a Missouri licensing office and submit the following:

  • A completed renewal notice, or an Application for Motor Vehicle License (form 184) if you don’t have your renewal notice with you.
  • Any required safety or emissions inspection certificates completed within the last 60 days.
  • Personal property tax receipt.
    • You’ll need the previous year's receipt for a 1 year renewal, or a receipt for the last 2 years for a 2 year renewal.
  • Proof of MO car insurance.
  • Payment for all applicable registration fees (please see “Vehicle Registration Fees” below).

Enhanced Security Tabs in MO

At the time of your registration renewal, you can choose to obtain enhanced security tabs in lieu of standard registration tabs. These tabs display your license plate number across them, with perforations that reduce the likelihood of tab theft. If you request these tabs with your renewal, you won’t have to pay any extra fees.

Already Completed Your Renewal?

If you have already renewed your registration, or your renewal window hasn’t yet approached, but you would like to exchange your existing registration tabs, you may do so for an $11 fee, along with a $6 processing fee. You’ll need to visit your local DOR office and sign an affidavit verifying that you have destroyed (or will destroy) your existing tabs.

You may also replace your tabs for enhanced tabs by mail:

  • Complete an Application for Replacement Plate(s) and Tab(s) (Form 1576). Do not sign it yet.
  • Mark the box “REQUESTING ENHANCED SECURITY TABS” as your reason for replacing.
  • Bring the form to a notary public and sign it in front of them.
  • Enclose payment for the entire fee.
  • Mail your form and fees to:
    • Motor Vehicle Bureau
    • P.O. Box 100
    • Jefferson City, MO 65105

Registration Renewal Fees in Missouri

Missouri registration renewal fees are calculated by a variable rate based on either:

  • Your vehicle’s taxable horsepower (HP), for passenger vehicles (this is listed on both your title and your registration certificate).
  • Your vehicle’s weight, for trucks and commercial vehicles.
    • Truck registration fees are also based on whether the vehicle will be driven locally (within 50 miles of its registered address) or outside a greater range of area.

If you’re registering a trailer, boat, RV, or other “special” vehicle, different determinates apply. See the state’s fee charts for specific information about these vehicles.

All fees shown are for 1 year renewals. If you are completing a 2 year renewal, you will pay for both years at the same time. Note that credit card transactions also charge a convenience fee.

Passenger vehicles:

  • Less than 12 HP: $18.25.
  • 12-23 HP: $21.25.
  • 24-35 HP: $24.25.
  • 36-47 HP: $33.25.
  • 48-59 HP: $39.25.
  • 60-71 HP: $45.25.
  • 72 HP and over/ $51.25.

Trucks/commercial Vehicles:

  • 6,000 lbs.:
    • Local use: $15.75.
    • Beyond local: $25.75.
  • 12,000 lbs.:
    • Local use: $18.25.
    • Beyond local: $38.25.
  • 18,000 lbs.:
    • Local use: $20.75.
    • Beyond local: $63.25.
  • 24,000 lbs.:
    • Local use: $27.75.
    • Beyond local: $100.75.

NOTE: Vehicles over 18,000 lbs. are NOT eligible for the 2 year renewal, and registration fees are pro-rated quarterly.

Additional registration renewal fees:

  • Processing fees:
    • 1 year renewal: $6.
    • 2 year renewal: $12.
  • Late renewal fee: $5.

Military Members & MO Registration Renewal

Members of the military have different rules for renewal of registration depending on whether you’re a Missouri resident stationed in or out of state, or if you are from another state and you’re stationed in Missouri.

Non-Resident Military Stationed in Missouri

If you’re a non-resident stationed in Missouri on active duty, you may keep your registration current in your home state through its renewal processes. You aren’t required to register your vehicle in Missouri unless you choose to maintain residency in the state.

To learn how to renew your registration while stationed elsewhere, visit our Registration Renewal section and choose your home state.

MO Military Residents Stationed in Missouri

Military residents of Missouri who are stationed at home in the state may simply follow any of the above processes for registration renewal, just as any civilian resident would.

Missouri Residents Stationed Out-of-State

If you’re currently stationed out of state when your vehicle registration renewal comes up, you can renew your tabs by mail.

You’ll need to send in:

  • Your registration renewal notice, or the Application for Motor Vehicle License (Form 184) if you do not have it with you.
  • A completed General Affidavit (Form 768) stating that your vehicle has been out of the state for longer than 60 days.
  • Proof of paid property tax for the number of years you’ve registered for.
  • A copy of your proof of insurance.
  • Payment for your registration and processing fees (see “Vehicle Registration Fees” above).

Send the above documents and payment to:

Motor Vehicle Bureau
301 West High Street - P.O. Box 2046
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Renewal for Out-of-State MO Residents

If you are temporarily out of the state when your renewal date arrives, you may renew your Missouri registration by mail using the steps outlined in “Renew by Mail” above.

In addition to the paperwork and payment mentioned above, you will need to include the following:

  • A completed General Affidavit (form 768) if the vehicle is required to have a safety and/or emissions inspection, AND has been out of state for more than 60 days (see “Vehicle Inspections” below).
  • A Statement of Non-Assessment from your county assessor's office IF you didn’t pay any personal property taxes within your previous renewal period.

Vehicle Inspections in Missouri

When you are renewing your registration, you may need to get a safety inspection depending on the model year of your car or an emissions inspection depending on where you live. Even model year vehicles are required to be inspected in even numbered years, and odd model year vehicles are inspected in odd numbered years.

If applicable, be sure to have your vehicle inspected at a Missouri Authorized Inspection Station.

Safety Inspections

All vehicles over 10 model years old must have a safety inspection upon renewal in order to maintain their registration. Your notice should tell you whether your vehicle is due for its inspection.

Emissions Inspections

Emissions inspections are required for all vehicles registered in the city of St. Louis, as well as the following counties:

  • St. Louis County.
  • Jefferson.
  • St. Charles.
  • St. Louis.

Your renewal notice should indicate whether your vehicle is due for its emission inspection.

Obtain a Duplicate Registration or Plate

Duplicate MO Registration

If your registration has been lost, damaged, or destroyed, you may request a duplicate by filing an affidavit with the DOR. Pick this affidavit up at your local Department of Revenue licensing office, and pay the $14.50 duplicate fee.

Replacement License Plates and Tabs

If your license plates or vehicle tabs have been damaged, lost, destroyed, or stolen, you’ll need to acquire replacements immediately, and report lost or stolen plates to your local law enforcement.

NOTE: If your license plates were stolen, the state of Missouri allows up to 2 sets of replacement license plates and/or tabs per year for free. You’ll only need to pay a $6 processing fee.

To obtain new license plates or tabs:

  • Complete an Application for Replacement Plate(s) and Tab(s) (Form 1576).
    • Your name must be the same as the one listed on the registration.
  • Mark whether you need both the license plates and tabs, or just tabs.
  • Explain why you need the replacement plates and/or tabs.
  • Have your signature on the form notarized.
  • Pay all the applicable replacement fees.

Bring your paperwork and payment to your local DOR office, or mail them to:

Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Bureau
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105

Missouri Registration Renewal: FAQs

What do I need to renew my tags in Missouri?

To renew your rags in Missouri, you'll need your renewal notice (or a completed registration application, if you've misplaced your notice), a completed vehicle inspection if applicable, verification of personal property tax payment for the last one to two years (depending on your registration length), proof of insurance, and payment for your renewal fee.

Can I renew my Missouri tags online?

You can renew Missouri tags online if your notice states you're eligible to do so. Requirements include having properly paid personal property taxes; having an unexpired registration or expired no more than 90 days; and receiving an online PIN on your renewal o.

What years do cars need inspection in Missouri?

Missouri cars with even model years must get inspected in even calendar years, and cars with odd model years must get inspected in odd calendar years.

Where can I get my Missouri license plates?

You can get your Missouri license plates from any Missouri license office, or you can have them mailed to you if you renew online, by phone, or by mail.

Can someone else register my car for me in Missouri?

In Missouri, you can have someone else renew your registration for you, as long as they bring the necessary documents. You cannot have someone else register your car for the first time for you.


Application for Motor Vehicle License
The Department of Revenue's application for an original, renewed, transferred, corrected, OR replacement MO vehicle registration.
Application for Replacement Plates and Tabs
Request replacement Missouri license plates AND/OR tabs from the DOR. Must be notarized.
General Affidavit
The Department of Revenue's general affidavit you can use for a variety of statements related to special vehicle titling and registration circumstances.
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