Personal Injury Attorneys in Missouri

SUMMARY: Personal Injury Attorneys in Missouri

When you've suffered injuries from a car accident, a personal injury attorney can be a major asset in getting you compensation. When your case involves serious injury, significant medical bills, or even underinsured drivers, you're likely to find that you need a personal injury attorney in your corner.

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Unfortunately, even the most cautious driver in the state can't always anticipate the actions of his/her fellow motorists. However, if you've received serious injuries as the result of a recent auto accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

A personal injury attorney is a huge asset in your fight to get compensated.

How a MO Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Because insurance companies are in business to make a profit, they typically don't have a victim's best interest in mind when offering accident settlements. In fact, it's not uncommon for companies to push for a quick settlement while you are still assessing the severity of your injuries.

A personal injury lawyer will have your best interests in mind and help to ensure that you are treated fairly.

Types of Damages

In most cases, Missouri residents file personal injury claims to seek reimbursement for economic losses such as:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Lost wages.

However, it is also possible to ask for compensation for non-economic losses such as:

  • Pain and suffering.
  • Emotional trauma caused by an accident.
  • Loss of companionship.

It is difficult for the average person to get compensated for these non-economic losses without the help of an attorney.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, you must decide what type of settlement you hope to receive. Then, you must decide if an attorney will be able to help you reach your goal.

Generally, a personal injury lawyer will be most useful in a case that involves broken bones, internal trauma, or serious injuries. Attorneys are also particularly useful in cases where the other driver is uninsured or underinsured.

Hiring the Attorney

If you've decided to hire an attorney, don't be afraid to meet with several candidates before selecting someone to handle your case. Many reputable layers will provide a free initial consultation to give you an opportunity to discuss building your case.

Some personal injury lawyers charge clients an hourly fee, but most will work in exchange for a percentage of any settlement they negotiate. Make sure you ask about fees and payments before selecting your attorney.

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