Pay Traffic Ticket in Missouri

Pleading Guilty to Your MO Ticket

In Missouri, paying your traffic ticket means you're pleading “guilty" and are agreeing to pay any other ticket-related fines (such as court costs and fees) as well as complete any applicable penalties.

Generally, pleading “guilty" and paying your traffic ticket means:

  • You have the option to pay your fine without making an actual court appearance UNLESS your ticket states a court appearance is required.
  • You'll accumulate driving record points associated with the violation.
    • Point accumulation could put you closer to or even lead to license suspension.
    • Your judge might allow you to complete a state-approved Drive Improvement Program to avoid accumulating points. Generally, these defensive driving programs aren't options for ticket dismissal, though.
  • Your car insurance company could increase your rates.

Whether you plan to plead “guilty" or “not guilty", you must respond within 30 days of receiving it; if you don't, you face additional fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

Pleading Guilty as a CDL Driver

Because you hold a CDL, you must inform your employer of the violations, and you're at risk for stronger penalties such as suspension for a certain period of time or a lifetime revocation. Obviously, such penalties can affect your income and even employment opportunities.

For more information, refer to the Missouri Commercial Driver License Manual.

How to Pay Your MO Traffic Ticket

ALERT: MO Fine Collection Center no longer in operation

As of June 25, 2019, the Missouri Fine Collection Center has stopped taking all payments. You can either pay through the Missouri Courts portal or directly to your local court listed on your citation. Details are listed below.

Depending on your ticket, you may be able to pay your fine online, by mail, or in person at your local court.

To handle your payment online, visit the Missouri Courts' Plead and Pay tool to plead "guilty" to your ticket and pay the fine.

To mail in your payment, sign the portion of your citation marked "Plea of Guilty, Appearance and Waiver." Mail it, along with a check or money order for your fine amount, to the court listed on your ticket.

To pay in person, visit the court listed on your ticket.

Driver Improvement & MO Tickets

Generally, the courts do not allow drivers to complete a Driver Improvement Program for ticket dismissal; however, the judge might:

  • Require you to complete the course as part of your traffic ticket requirements.
  • Allow you to complete the course to avoid accumulating points on your driving record.

Check Your Driving Record

Whether you decide to plead “guilty" and pay your fine or fight your traffic ticket, it's important to check your driving record to make sure your record reflects only:

  • The accumulated number of driving record points associated with your violation. Also make sure:
    • The points associated with the violation don't show up on your record IF the judge allowed you to complete a Driver Improvement Program to avoid points.
    • Your points aren't high enough for license suspension.
  • The violation(s) for which you pled “guilty" or of which you were found guilty in court.

Car Insurance Rates & Traffic Tickets

Most car insurance companies increase a driver's premium after a traffic violation.

Even though typically it won't dismiss the ticket, completing the Missouri Driver Improvement Program can keep the points from showing up on your record, and it might be enough to keep your rates from increasing.

Ask your agent about whether you face an auto insurance rate increase and, if so, start comparing quotes online to find a more affordable rate.

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