Scooters, Mopeds, Etc... in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) keeps it simple when it comes to scooters, mopeds, motorized bikes, and other motor-driven cycles. We’ll go over these types of cycles and their respective license and registration requirements in The Show-Me State.

What Is a Motorized Bike in MO?

In Missouri, a motorized bicycle is vehicle that has:

  • 2 or 3 wheels.
  • An automatic transmission.
  • An engine capacity of no more than 50 cc.
  • A motor that produces fewer than 3 brake horsepower.
  • A maximum speed of 30 MPH on flat ground.

As long as the bike meets the above criteria, you DON’T need to title or register it and you only need a valid driver’s license to operate it—you don’t need a motorcycle endorsement.

However, if your cycle exceeds these criteria, it’s likely a motorcycle or a motortricycle (has 3 wheels), in which case you’d need a motorcycle license or endorsement and registration.

Motorized Bike Laws

Even though your motorized bicycle isn’t a traditional passenger vehicle or a full-on motorcycle, you still must follow state traffic laws and regulations while operating it. Grab a copy of the Missouri Driver Guide and Motorcycle Operator Manual and study up.

Additionally, note that:

  • Missouri state law doesn’t require you to wear a helmet while operating a motorized bike, but the state does recommend you check with local law enforcement for helmet requirements specific to your area.
  • You can’t operate a motorized bike on part of the federal interstate highway system.

MO Mopeds & Scooters

Generally, the Missouri DOR categorizes mopeds and scooters as motorized bikes as long as they meet the criteria above. If your moped or scooter falls into the motorized bike category, you’ll need to follow the same licensing, registration, and riding requirements, also outlined above.

However, if your moped or scooter exceeds the specs of motorized bikes, it’s likely you have a motorcycle which does require a motorcycle license or endorsement and registration.

Autocycles in Missouri

An autocycle is a motor vehicle that:

  • Has 3 wheels.
  • Has a seating area that is partially or completely enclosed.
  • Is designed with a steering wheel and pedals.

When operating an autocycle, you:

  • MUST have a valid driver’s license to operate on public streets.
    • You don’t need a motorcycle license or endorsement.
  • Don’t have to wear a helmet as long as the roof’s protection is equal to or better than that of standard motorcycle headgear.
  • Must follow Missouri traffic laws and regulations.
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