Organ Donation in Missouri

Organ Donation in Missouri

Did you know a single organ donor can save up to 8 lives and impact the lives of more than 50 people?

With the help of the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, Donate Life Missouri raises awareness about organ donation and increases the number of registered organ donors. Joining the organ donor registry in Missouri could save or impact the lives of many people in the future.

Benefits of Organ and Tissue Donation

Organ and tissue donations save lives. Each year, Americans receive tens of thousands of organ and tissue transplants. In many cases, recipients who were near death go on to lead full and productive lives.

Organ and tissue donation also helps bring closure to grieving families. Several studies have shown that knowing that a loved one's death was able to help others live fuller lives serves as a great comfort in a time of sorrow.

Although many people are reluctant to register as organ and tissue donors because of their religious beliefs, all major religious denominations in the United States support donation. In fact, many consider it to be a final act of charity or neighborly love. For more information about the common misconceptions about organ donation, please read our page about Organ Donation Myths.

Register as an Organ Donor

The process of registering as an organ donor in Missouri is very easy. You can register online or in person at your local MO Department of Revenue office.

NOTE: There is no cost to be included on the organ donor registry and the information will be kept confidential.

In Person

You can add your name to the state's donor registry every time you apply for or renew your Missouri driver's license or state ID card.

The Missouri Department of Revenue works with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to add new participants and update the contact information of those who are currently listed in the registry.

In addition, you can write your choices on the back of your MO driver's license. There is a space to designate which organs you would like to donate. Be sure to sign and date this notation in front of 1 witness.


Register online with the Missouri Organ and Tissue Donor Registry by following the instructions provided. You can also add your name to a central donor registry through, and record your intentions nationwide.

Update Your Organ Donor Profile

You can change the preferences of your organ donation profile online at the website of the Missouri Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. You can also use to change your information.

Important to Keep Your Family Informed

The registry was created in 2008 to keep track of the names of potential organ and tissue donors.

Even if you've already discussed this issue with your family, adding your name to the organ donor registry helps to reinforce your commitment, and reduces confusion at the time of your death. Although the consent of your family is no longer required, you should still let your family know about your decision to become an organ donor.

How You Can Help With Organ Donation

After you register as an organ donor in Missouri, there are other ways to support the cause. You can:

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