Online Services in Missouri

The “Show-Me" State of Missouri offers a number of online services revealing just how easy it is to take care of driver and vehicle-related transactions. Read on for a full list of available online options.

Online Vehicle Services in Missouri

For the most part, Missouri's Department of Revenue (DOR) directly handles online vehicle services. We also connect you to third-party vendors (often not affiliated with the government) that offer helpful results.

Missouri DOR Online Vehicle Services

You can use the online vehicle services provided by the MO Department of Revenue to:

  • Renew your registration and plates.
  • Check the status of your title and registration.
  • Order vanity license plates.
  • Calculate a vehicle's estimated sales tax.
  • Look up vehicle safety inspection locations.
  • Search for title records.
  • Check the child support lien list.

MO Vehicle Services Through Private Vendors

A third-party vendor can assist you with the following vehicle-related tasks:
  • Finding motorcycle insurance.
    • Ensure you're getting the best coverage for your bike at a competitive rate by comparing all of the insurance options in your area.
  • Choosing car insurance.
    • Do what's best for your car and bank account by finding the auto insurance provider that best fits your lifestyle and budget.
  • Extending your vehicle's warranty.
    • Rest easier knowing your vehicle's still under warranty, long after its original coverage has expired.
  • Vehicle history report (VHR).
    • You should always order a VHR and/or VIN check on any vehicle you're interested in buying before making a final decision.

MO Online License & Record Assistance

Thanks to the convenience of the Internet, you no longer have to deal with wait times or postage when requesting assistance with Missouri records and licenses. You can choose to either use the online services provided by the state or, depending on the request and how soon you need results, third-party vendors.

Missouri State Agency Online Services

The DOR does not offer many licensing services online; however, you can complete the following tasks:

Third Party Online Services

You can take care of all the following MO license and record requests using the services conveniently provided by third-party companies:

  • Request an expedited passport.
    • Taking a vacation abroad? Get your passport in time by ordering it through a private company.
  • Get an International Driver Permit (IDP).
    • Before driving in another country, get an IDP, which translates your American license into language that foreign authorities can understand.
  • Order vital records.
    • A third-party vendor is your one-stop shop for all kinds of vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce).
  • Request driving records.
    • For fast results, request your personal and professional driving records through a trusted private vendor.
  • Search court records.
    • When you need quick access to past court cases, leave it to a third party to get the information you need on time.
  • Order background checks.
    • To protect yourself and your business, always run background checks on the people you're thinking about hiring.
  • Official name change.
    • A private company can ensure your name is officially changed across multiple government databases.

Missouri Driver Education Online

From preparing for your driver's license tests to taking points off your record, you can now go through private vendors offering the following online Driver's Ed services:

Take some of the stress out of dealing with legal issues and traffic tickets by utilizing the online services provided by the state and private vendors.

Using the Missouri Office of State Courts' online services, you can pay your traffic tickets from your own home.

A third-party company can help you with things like:

  • Protecting your identity.
    • Investing in an identity theft prevention program will ensure you have a successful and stress-free future.
  • Paying traffic tickets.
    • Save some time by taking advantage of your online traffic ticket payment options.
  • Finding a DUI attorney.
    • When dealing with DUI charges, having a knowledgable and affordable lawyer by your side is crucial.
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