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For your convenience, the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) makes a number of its most popular forms available online, which you can download below. However some forms may only be obtainable in person at your local DOR office branch

Need a manual? Jump over to our MO motorcycle handbook and driver's manual pages. 

If you need help filling out a form or can't find the one you need, call the MO DOR with questions pertaining to:

  • Driver's license forms: (573) 526-2407.
  • Vehicle forms: (573) 526-3669. 

To download and print forms from the Missouri DOR website, you'll need to use the Adobe Reader software. This software comes pre-installed on most computers, but is also available for free download on the Adobe website.

Most Requested Forms

Address Change Request - 4160

Notify the Missouri DOR of an address change.

Application for Missouri Title and License - DOR-108

Missouri DOR's application for an original title AND/OR registration, duplicate title, registration renewal, OR transfer of license plates.

Application for Motor Vehicle License - 184

The Department of Revenue's application for an original, renewed, transferred, corrected, OR replacement MO vehicle registration.

Application for a Social Security Card - SS-5

Apply for an original, replacement, OR corrected Social Security card.

Bill of Sale - 1957

The DOR's bill of sale, used as a proof of purchase after transferring ownership of a vehicle. Must be notarized when used to show proof of ownership OR if dealing with a rebuilt vehicle.

Driver's License & ID Forms

Affidavit of Lost/Destroyed/Stolen License - 4676

Notify the MO Department of Revenue if your driver's license has been stolen, lost, OR damaged. Form MUST be notarized.

Application for Limited Driving Privileges - 4595

If eligible, request limited driving privileges from the Department of Revenue after your MO driver's license has been suspended or revoked.

Driver Examination Record - DOR-100

Driving test record you must submit to the Department of Revenue when applying for your first permit or MO driver's license. Must be completed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Driver Experience Log - 4901

Use this form to log the practice driving hours needed to earn a Missouri driver's license.

Mail-In Driver License Application - 4317

Use this form to apply for a renewed OR replacement Missouri driver's license with the DOR. Applies to out-of-state members of the military and/or their families.

Parent or Guardian Permission Statement - 5434

Parents/legal guardians: Use this DOR form to give a qualifying adult permission to provide driving instruction to a new teen driver.

Parental/Guardian Request to Deny or Reinstate Driver License - 4811

Request that the Department of Revenue deny OR reinstate a previously-denied MO driver's license for a teen in your care. Can only be completed by the parent or legal guardian of the teen driver.

Title & Registration Forms

Application for Boat, Vessel or Outboard Motor Registration and Replacement Decal - 2686

Apply for an original, replacement, OR renewed MO registration for your boat OR outboard motor.

Application for Missouri Boat/Vessel or Outboard Motor Title and Registration - DOR-93

Apply to title AND register your boat OR outboard motor with the MO Department of Revenue.

Application for Missouri Historic or Personalized Historic License Plates - DOR-570

Order historic AND/OR personalized Missouri license plates from the DOR.

Application for Missouri Personalized and Special License Plates - 1716

Order specialized AND/OR vanity license plates from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Application for Replacement Plates and Tabs - 1576

Request replacement Missouri license plates AND/OR tabs from the DOR. Must be notarized.

Cost Based Waiver Application Affidavit Repairs Made by Vehicle Owner - MO 780-1973

Affidavit stating you made emissions-related repairs to your vehicle and spent the required amount on parts. Submit to the MO Department of Natural Resources to apply for an emissions test waiver.

Cost Based Waiver Application Affidavit Repairs Made by a Repair Technician - MO 780-1971

Affidavit stating you paid a mechanic the required amount for emissions-related repairs to qualify for an emissions inspection waiver. Submit to the MO Department of Natural Resources.

Financial Waiver Eligibility Request - MO 780-1970

Request a financial waiver for your MO emissions test after paying the required amount on emissions-related repairs AND providing evidence of low income. Submit to the Department of Natural Resources.

General Affidavit - 768

The Department of Revenue's general affidavit you can use for a variety of statements related to special vehicle titling and registration circumstances.

Mileage-Based Exemption Request - MO 780-1972

Request for exemption from Missouri emissions testing if you meet the city and mileage requirements. Submit to the Department of Natural Resources.

Notice of Lien, Lien Release, or Authorization to ADD/Remove Name from Title Form - DOR-4809

Notify the Missouri DOR of a change (addition or removal) of a lien on your vehicle title. Must be notarized AND completed by the lienholder.

Notice of Vehicle Titling Requirements - 5043

Submit this form to the Missouri DOR if a total loss claim payment has been made on a vehicle that still qualifies for a salvage title.

Out of Area Waiver Request - MO 780-2202

Request an emissions test waiver from the MO Department of Natural Resources if you don't live or drive in one of the cities with minimum vehicle emissions requirements.

Contact your local DOR

Buying & Selling Forms

Notice of Sale or Transfer - 5049

Notify the Missouri Department of Revenue that you've sold OR transferred ownership of a vehicle.

Odometer Disclosure Statement - 3019

Use this DOR form to disclose the amount of miles on a vehicle you're selling in Missouri.

Ticket & Violations Forms

Motor Vehicle Accident Report - DOR-1140

Submit this form to the MO Department of Revenue if you were recently involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Notice of Suspension/Revocation of Driving Privilege - 2385

Send this notice back to the DOR to request a hearing OR limited driving privileges after losing your MO driver's license for driving under the influence.

Commercial Forms

Medical Examination Report - MCSA-5875

Physical exam form you must submit with your DOR application for a Missouri commercial driver's license. MUST be completed by a medical professional.

Medical Examiners Certificate - MCSA-5876

Medical certificate Missouri commercial drivers must carry. Requires a medical professional’s signature.

Military Forms

Application for Military Commercial Driver License Skills Test Waiver - 5140

If you recently drove a commercial vehicle in the military, submit this form to the Missouri DOR to request a CDL skills test waiver.

Disability Forms

Application for Disabled Person Placard - 2769

DOR application for an original, renewed, replacement, OR corrected Missouri disabled parking placard. Must submit with a physician’s statement from your doctor.

Physicians Statement for Disabled License Plates or Placards - 1776

Physician's evaluation you must submit to the Missouri DOR when applying for an original OR renewed disabled placard OR plates. Must be completed by your doctor.

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application - 76

If you're a U.S. citizen living out of your voting jurisdiction, use this form to register to vote AND/OR request an absentee ballot.

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