Bill of Sale Requirements in Missouri

In Missouri, you are required to report the sale of a car within 30 days of the sale. One method of reporting the sale involves submitting a bill of sale to the Motor Vehicle Bureau. Learn more about why you should complete a bill of sale and Missouri's bill of sale requirements.

MO Bill of Sale Basics

The purpose of a bill of sale is to provide legal documentation for the sale of a motor vehicle. The form acts as a receipt for the buyer and provides the seller with proof that he or she no longer owns the vehicle. This form is also necessary to receive a clear title and registration for your vehicle.

You can download a copy of the Bill of Sale (Form 1957) from the Missouri Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Bureau. The form is available as an Adobe PDF file that requires the free Acrobat Reader software to view and print.

Missouri Bill of Sale Requirements

A bill of sale requires the following information:

  • The buyer and seller's names, addresses, and signatures.
  • The vehicle's year, make, title number, and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • The purchase price or information on the vehicle you've traded for.

If you are using your bill of sale to show ownership of the major parts of a rebuilt vehicle or as documentation for a temporary permit, the form must be notarized.

If you have questions relating to the completion of your bill of sale form, please call the Missouri Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Bureau at (573) 526-3669.

Generic Bill of Sale

If you have trouble downloading the Missouri Bill of Sale form, we provide links to free, printable, bill of sale forms.


Bill of Sale
The DOR's bill of sale, used as a proof of purchase after transferring ownership of a vehicle. Must be notarized when used to show proof of ownership OR if dealing with a rebuilt vehicle.
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