Applying for Special Plates in Missouri

SUMMARY: Apply for a Missouri Specialty License Plate

You can apply for various types of specialty plates in person or by mail in Missouri. If personalizing standard plates, you can also order your plate online. To renew your plates, simply renew your vehicle registration. In the event your plates have been lost, damaged, or stolen, you'll need to complete a form and pay a minimal fee to replace them. If selling a car with special plates, you may transfer them to another vehicle you own.

Missouri allows drivers to apply for a variety of special and personalized plates. Continue reading to learn how to apply.


Applying for Special Plates in Missouri

You can apply for a specialty license plate with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR):

  • In person.
  • By mail.

To apply for your specialty plate, you'll need to:

* If you cannot access the forms online, you can find them at any MS license office, or you may request the DOR send you a copy by mail.

NOTE: Requirements to apply for plates are separate from any requirements associated with registering your vehicle in Missouri.

MO Military Plate Applications

To order a specialty or personalized military plate, you'll need:

  • A completed Application for Missouri Military Personalized License Plates (Form 4601).
  • Proof of:
    • Honorable discharge.
    • Active duty status.
  • Proof of award or decoration required for the designated plate.
  • Payment for the applicable fee.
    • Most military plates are $15; however, some do not have fees. See the form to find your plate fee.

Submit the above in person at your local license office or by mail to the address on the form.

Disabled Veteran Plates

Qualified disabled veterans are eligible for 1 set of disabled veteran plates for free.

To get a disabled veteran plate, simply follow the steps outlined above AND provide a statement certifying that your injury is service-related from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. The statement must be dated within 1 year of the application for plates.

No additional fees apply to personalize these plates.

In order to park in a disabled spot, you need the wheelchair symbol on your plate. See Disability Plates and Placards for more information.

Historic (Antique) MO Plates

For a vehicle to qualify as historical, it must be:

  • At least 25 years old.
  • A collector's item used only for exhibition or education reasons.

Vehicles with historic or antique plates may be driven:

  • To and from exhibitions or educational events.
  • To any repair shop within 100 miles.
  • Up to 1,000 miles annually for everyday use.
    • You must carry a personal use log in the vehicle when driving on state roads.

Applying for Historic Plates

To apply, you must submit the following:

You can submit all of the above:

  • By mail to the address on the form.
  • In person at the central office in Jefferson City:
    Motor Vehicle Bureau
    301 West High Street – P.O. Box 2046
    Jefferson City, MO 65101

NOTE: You cannot apply for personalized historic plates online. However, you can check the availability of your desired message prior to submitting your form.

Antique Historic Plates

You may register your vehicle's license plate as a historical plate provided it is at least 25 years old, the year of issuance is consistent with the model year, and it does not clash with the state's current numbering system.

To apply, follow the exact steps listed above and include a photo of your plate.

NOTE: You will not need to pay the personalized plate fee.

MO Personalized Plates

You may order a personalized plate:

  • In person or by mail using the steps outlined in Applying for Special Plates above.
    • Use one of these options if personalizing a specialty plate.
  • Online.
    • This option is only available when personalizing standard plates.
    • Follow the instructions to reserve your configuration and pay the required fee.

You will be sent a notification by mail when the plates are ready. At this time, you can pick them up your local license office. It may take up to 8 weeks for them to come in.

NOTE: You may be required to submit additional fees and documents when you pick up your plates. Check with the license office.

Availability of Personalized Plate Configurations

You must apply and pay the appropriate fees before you can reserve a configuration for a personalized plate.

The following are the amount of characters allowed in a personalized configuration. A space, dash, or apostrophe counts as a character:

  • Standard personalized plate: 6 characters.
  • Plate with emblem OR wheelchair symbol: 6 characters.
    • Motorcycles: 5 characters.
  • Plate with both emblem AND wheelchair symbol: 4 characters.
    • Motorcycles: 3 characters.

Renewing Specialty Plates in MO

You can renew your specialty or personalized plate when you renew your car registration. Specialty plates must be renewed in person at your local DOR license office.

You'll need:

  • Your renewal notice.
  • Any required safety or emissions inspection certificates completed within 60 days of renewal.
  • Personal property tax receipt.
  • Proof of current car insurance.
  • Payment for all renewal fees.
    • NOTE: There is a $5 penalty for renewing after the expiration date.

Specialty plate fees may apply upon renewal. Contact your local license office for questions.

To learn more, visit our guide on registration renewal in Missouri.

Replacing Missouri Specialty Plates

If your Missouri custom license plates have been lost or stolen:

  • File a report with your local police.
  • Complete the Application for Replacement Plates/Tabs (Form 1576).
    • The form must be signed in a Notary Public's presence.
  • Pay the applicable fees.
    • If your plates were lost or stolen, you can get up to 2 sets of duplicate plates for free.

You can apply for your duplicate plates:

  • In person at your local license office.
  • By mail to:
    Missouri Department of Revenue
    Motor Vehicle Bureau
    P.O. Box 100
    Jefferson City, MO 65105

Selling a Car with Specialty Plates

When you sell a car in Missouri with personalized or specialty plates, you need to remove those plates, regardless of whether they are expired.

If you are not transferring to another vehicle, you need to surrender the plates:

  • In person to any Missouri license office.
  • By mail with a note explaining the surrender to the central office: Missouri
    Missouri Department of Revenue
    Motor Vehicle Bureau
    P.O. Box 100
    Jefferson City, MO 65105

Fees for Specialty Plates

Specialty and personalized license plate fees in MO generally apply* as follows:

  • Application: $15.
  • Renewal: $15.
  • Historic plates: $25.25 registration one time fee.
    • $15 fee to personalize.
  • Replacement:
    • One plate: $8.50.
    • Set of plates: $17.
    • Stolen plates: Free replacement for 2 sets (processing fee applies).
  • Processing fee: $6.
    • Applies to ALL of the above transactions.

Remember, all plate fees are separate from any registration or registration renewal fees.

* Specific plates have no fee for application and/or renewal. Check your plate type.


Application for Missouri Personalized and Special License Plates
Order specialized AND/OR vanity license plates from the Missouri Department of Revenue.
Application for Missouri Historic or Personalized Historic License Plates
Order historic AND/OR personalized Missouri license plates from the DOR.
Application for Motor Vehicle License
The Department of Revenue's application for an original, renewed, transferred, corrected, OR replacement MO vehicle registration.
Application for Replacement Plates and Tabs
Request replacement Missouri license plates AND/OR tabs from the DOR. Must be notarized.
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