Traffic Ticket FAQ in Minnesota

How many days do I have to pay my MN traffic ticket?

In most districts you generally have about 30 days. This information will be posted on your traffic ticket.

What will happen if I don't pay my traffic ticket?

You will be assessed a late fee. Any subsequent delays will prompt the court to notify the DVS to suspend your MN driver's license.

How come the court shows no record of my ticket when I attempt to pay online?

There may be several reasons:

  • Your ticket has not been entered into the court's database. Depending on the court, it may take days, or sometimes weeks, for the ticket to be filed.
  • You may have entered an incorrect citation number―try again.
  • You are on the wrong online pay site. See our Paying Your Traffic page for a list of online pay sites.
  • If you are a minor you may be required to appear in Juvenile Court.

What happens if I miss my court date?

Your MN driver's license may be suspended and the court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Can I reschedule a court date?

You will need to contact the court to request a continuance. The sooner you call the better the chances of having your request honored.

If I pay my MN traffic ticket, will it appear on my driving record?

Unless it's a non-certifiable offense (parking ticket, license plate violation, etc) it will appear on your driving record.

Are traffic ticket fine amounts uniform throughout the state?

Fine amounts differ by county due to varying surcharges and law library fees. The fine amount should be listed on your citation.

What do I do if I lost my traffic ticket?

Learn what to do on our Lost Traffic Ticket page.

Why should I enroll in a driver improvement clinic?

Besides making yourself a more defensive driver, completing one of these courses may qualify you for a discount on your car insurance rates. Check with your auto insurance company if it honors this discount. If not, you may want to shop around online for a new provider by comparing rates from a variety of auto insurance companies.

Why should I hire a traffic ticket attorney

With perhaps your Minnesota driving privileges at stake, a traffic ticket lawyer's expertise could mean the difference between you driving or waiting out a suspended driver's license. Traffic lawyers understand the ways of the court, increasing your chances for reduced charges or even dismissal.

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