Suspended License in Minnesota

Driver License Suspension in Minnesota

Minnesota's Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) departments will suspend, revoke, or cancel your license for a variety of violations, including infractions such as failure to maintain the required car insurance minimums to more serious crimes like vehicular homicide.

About Your Suspended License in MN

Minnesota does not use a DMV point system; however, the MN DVS can issue driver license suspension—the temporary removal of your driving privileges—for the following infractions and time periods:

Failure to Maintain Insurance

You'll have your license suspended or revoked for driving without insurance or failing to maintain insurance. Your license can be suspended from  30 days to 1 year, depending on the number of offenses committed within 5 years.

Misuse of License

You'll have a suspended license for:

  • 90 days, if you have no other convictions within 5 years.
  • 180 days, if you have at least additional convictions within 5 years.

Habitual Violators

You'll have a suspended license from 30 days to 1 year, depending on:

  • How many driver license violations you've had within 24 months.
  • Whether it's a license, permit, or endorsement violation.

Violation Resulting in Fatality or Personal Injury

You'll have a suspended license for:

  • 90 days, if personal injury occurs.
  • 180 days, if death occurs.

Criminal Vehicular Homicide and Injury; Manslaughter; Fleeing from Peace Officer

You'll have a suspended license for 1 year.

School Bus Violations

Your MN driver's license can be suspended for failure to follow traffic laws governing stopping or passing a school bus. Your license can be suspended from 30 days up to 1 year for multiple offenses within 5 years.

Check Your Driver License Status

Although the MN DVS sets specific time periods for license suspension, revocation, and cancellation, it's a good idea to periodically check your driver license status and make sure all information is up to date. This includes information about traffic tickets and all other traffic violations, too.

After all, your driving history can affect factors like:

    • Car insurance quotes.
    • Employment opportunities.
    • Background checks.

    Visit our Driving Records section to learn more about your driving history.

    Revoked or Cancelled MN Licenses

    Revoked License

    A revoked license is slightly different from a suspended license. A revoked license means your driving privileges are rescinded for longer periods of time, and generally for more serious violations.

    Insurance-Related Offenses

    You'll have a revoked license for 30 days to 1 year for failure to provide proof of insurance or maintain insurance, depending on the offense number within 5 years.

    Misdemeanor/Gross Misdemeanor Offenses

    You'll have your license revoked for:

    • 30 days, for 3 offenses within 12 months.
    • 90 days, for 4 offenses within 12 months.
    • 1 year, for 5 offenses or more within 12 months.

    NOTE: Remember, these are misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses.

    Perjury/False Affidavit or Statement

    Your license is revoked for 180 days if you are conviction for perjury, giving a false affidavit or statement regarding laws relating to the ownership or operation of a motor vehicle

    Leaving Accident Scene

    You'll have a revoked license for:

    • 180 days, if personal injury occurs.
    • 1 year, if death occurs.

    Felony With a Motor Vehicle

    Committing a felony with a motor vehicle leads to license revocation for 1 year.

    Fleeing a Peace Officer

    Conviction leads to a revoked license for 1 year to 10 years, depending on the number of your offense and the nature of the violation.

    Vehicular Homicide or Injury/Manslaughter

    Conviction leads to license revocation for 1 year to 15 years, depending on the nature of the violation.

    Cancelled License

    In some cases, a driver may not legally possess the right to have a license. The MN DVS can cancel your license if:

    • You were never eligible for a driver's license.
    • You falsified or gave incorrect information, or otherwise committed fraud or deception when applying for your driver's license.
    • You have a disability that makes you ineligible for a driver's license OR you failed to provide required documentation related to that disability.

    MN Suspension Hearings and Appeals

    You will be required to OR have the option to attend a preliminary or administrative hearing. Your notice of suspension will describe your steps for reinstatement (see below), including information regarding hearings.

    Because these hearings will determine whether your license will be suspended, revoked, or cancelled—sometimes for long periods of time—you might consider consulting an attorney.

    DMV.ORG TIP: Don't face the court alone!

    When your license has been suspended, you'll need someone to help you navigate the legal system and get your driving privileges back. Find a traffic attorney near you.

    Reinstating Your Suspended License

    When you're eligible for reinstating your suspended Minnesota driver license, the MN DVS will send you a letter with exact license reinstatement instructions.

    Some cases—such as those involving auto insurance matters—have very specific requirements; most other cases simply require that:

    • The suspension or revocation period has expired.
    • There are no other suspensions, revocations, or cancellations against the license.
    • You've met all conditions for reinstatement (e.g., completed driver improvement, if required, or met medical requirements).
    • You've paid your reinstatement fees (see “Fees" below).
    • You've received your notice of reinstatement from the commissioner.

    Again, the MN DVS sends letters with exact instructions specific to your case. Keep in mind that you may have to fill out certain forms; for example, you might need to fill out the Request for Administrative Review (form PS31122) if you want your case to be reviewed by the Commissioner of Public Safety.

    DWI Suspensions in Minnesota

    Driving while intoxicated (DWI) suspensions carry their own sets of penalties. For example, you face criminal penalties like jail time as well as administrative sanctions like license suspension.

    License suspension for DWI can vary from days to outright license cancellation, depending on the offense number and nature of the violation—which could even lead to Felony DWI.

    For more specific information about DWI penalties, check out our DUI in Minnesota page.

    Limited Minnesota Licenses

    Some drivers are eligible for limited driving privileges.

    Your MN DVS commissioner will let you know whether you're eligible; generally, drivers who meet the following criteria are eligible for a limited license:

    • You've officially requested a limited driver license.
    • You need the license to meet the requirements of your license reinstatement, such as:
      • Ignition Interlock Device (IID) requirements.
      • Substance abuse counseling or treatment.
    • You've paid your reinstatement fee (see “Fees" below).
    • Your license isn't suspended or revoked for criminal vehicular homicide, manslaughter, or fleeing a peace officer.
    • You are not applying for a limited Class A, B, or C commercial driver license (CDL).
    • If you've already had a limited driver license, a portion of your current suspension or revocation period must complete.
    • You need the limited driver license for reasons such as homemaker educational, medical, and nutritional needs.
      • These include needs for children and other dependents in the house.
      • The MN DVS will inform you of your time limits.
    • You're an out-of-state driver with a valid out-of-state license and can present certified copies of driver records from all previous states in which you've held licenses.

    If your license is revoked, you must also:

    For more information on limited driver license eligibility and application, contact the DVS:

    • Telephone: (651) 297-3298.
    • TTYL: (651) 282-6555.

    Fees for Suspended Licenses in MN

    Reinstatement fees for suspended MN driver's licenses are as follows:

    • Revoked license (alcohol/drugs/criminal vehicular operation ): $680.
    • Revoked license (other offenses, including no-fault insurance revocation): $30.
    • Suspended license: $20.
    • CDL disqualification: $20.

    NOTE: The fees above do not include the cost of applying for a new license.

    Don't see your specific fee? Contact the DVS:

    • Telephone:(651) 297-3298.
    • TTYL: (651) 282-6555.

    If you're unable to pay your full fee at one time, you may be eligible to pay through a payment plan under the MN Driver License Reinstatement Program (DDP). To find out if you're eligible, contact Diversion Solutions and fill out and submit a waiver.

    The Program also assists drivers with many other aspects of the suspension process. For information on how to get support, visit the program's website.

    CDL Suspensions in Minnesota

    The MN DVS can disqualify your Minnesota CDL for the following reasons:

    • Leaving an accident scene.
    • Committing a felony with a commercial vehicle.
    • Acquiring out-of-state convictions.
    • Manufacture, sale, or distribution of controlled substance conviction.
    • Committing a serious traffic violation.
    • Grade crossing violations.
    • Out-of-service order violations.
    • Hazardous materials and passenger out-of-service order violations.

    If you've committed any of the above offenses, you'll receive a notice of proposed disqualification or disqualification, and if you're not a MN resident, your home state will receive notice, too.

    CDL Reinstatement

    Commercial driver's license reinstatement in Minnesota is straightforward:

    • Your disqualification period must be complete.
    • You must pay your reinstatement fee.
    • You must complete any other reinstatement requirements.
    • You must return your Class D license to the DVS.
    • You must receive your reinstatement notice from the commissioner.

    For additional and more detailed federal CDL disqualification information, visit our Minnesota CDL section.

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