Types of Special License Plates in Minnesota

SUMMARY: Specialty Minnesota License Plates

In Minnesota, you can apply for many types of special license plates, such as personalized plates, special group license plates, and military honor plates. Some plates have specific eligibility requirements, and most cost more than standard tags due to application and filing fees.

On this page, you'll find all the information you need about the types of special and custom plates available in Minnesota.


Minnesota Personalized Plates

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) offers personalized license plates for passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and some recreational vehicles (RVs).

In addition to the standard registration fees, you'll need to pay:

  • A $100 application fee.
  • A $12 filing fee.

You must provide multiple plate number options when applying for a personalized plate. Letter/number combinations MUST:

  • Be no more than 7 characters for passenger vehicle plates. This includes spaces and hyphens.
  • Be no more than 6 characters for all other vehicle plate types.
  • Include at least 1 alpha character.
  • Be clearly explained on your application.

See our Special Plates Application page for further instructions on how to apply.

Special Group License Plates

The MN DPS offers several special group license plates, including plates representing charities, colleges, and various occupations.

Many of these tags are also available as motorcycle plates. The Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010) shows available motorcycle plates.

When you're ready to apply, visit our Special Plates Application page.

Charitable Contribution Plates

When you order contribution license plates, you'll pay an additional fee that goes to an organization linked to the plate you order.

Support Our Troops

The Support Our Troops plate helps support United States veterans. The contribution fee goes assist military families and veterans. You'll need to pay the following fees:

  • $15.50 plate fee.
  • $8 filing fee.
  • $30 minimum contribution per year.

Critical Habitat

Critical Habitat plates support the efforts of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for land and wildlife habitats. The fees are:

  • $15.50: plate fee.
  • $8: filing fee
  • $30: Minimum contribution per year.

Critical Habitat plates have several design options featuring animals, plants, and outdoor activities. Visit the MN DPS website to see some designs.

Collegiate Plates

Collegiate license plates are available for Minnesota colleges and universities that choose to participate in the program.

For a list of participating schools, view the MN special plates brochure.

You DO NOT have to be affiliated with a school to get its license plate.

Fees for collegiate plates:

  • Contribution: $25 minimum.
  • Plate fee: $15.50.
  • Filing fee: $8.

Your contribution goes to the scholarship account of the participating college.

Other Specialty Plates

Other types of special license plates include:

  • Remembering Victims of Impaired Drivers.
  • Amateur Radio Operator (ARO).
  • Citizen Band (CB).
  • Firefighter.
  • National Guard.
  • Ready Reserve.
  • Volunteer Ambulance License Attendant.

The Remembering Victims of Impaired Drivers plate is available to anyone. Fees are:

  • $12 plate fee.
  • $8 filing fee.

The ARO and CB plates are issued to licensed radio operators. You'll pay:

  • A plate fee of $15.50.
  • A filing fee of $8.

The following plates are available only to those employed by or involved in the organizations and require proof of eligibility:

  • Firefighter.
  • National Guard.
  • Ready Reserve.
  • Volunteer Ambulance.

Visit our Application for Special Plates page for more information.

Military Honor Plates in Minnesota

There are numerous military honor plates available to veterans who meet eligibility requirements, including the:

  • Iraq Veteran plate.
  • Vietnam Veteran plate.
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor plate.
  • Medal of Honor plate.
  • Proud to Be a Veteran plate.

Eligibility for Military Plates

Eligibility requirements differ by license plate type and can include:

  • Dates of service.
  • Awards received.
  • Location of service.

NOTE: You may be eligible for a military plate if you are the surviving spouse or family member of a veteran.

You must provide evidence of your eligibility, such as:

  • Separation papers (DD214).
  • A current military ID.

See the Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010) for a complete list of requirements.

You'll find complete application details on our Special Plates Application page.

Fees for Military Plates

Fees for military license plates are charged IN ADDITION to the standard registration fees.

Most military license plates require a license plate fee and filing fee:

  • Plate fee: Varies by plate.
  • Filing fee: $8.

However, there are exceptions to the fees above:

  • You'll pay an ADDITIONAL minimum contribution of $30 for the Proud to Be a Veteran plate (paid once only).
  • Ex-POW and Medal of Honor recipients plates: Free.
  • Gold Star Family plate applicants pay the filing fee ONLY.

MN Historic & Collector Plates

Historic and collector plates are available from the MN DPS for vehicles used ONLY for show or display, NOT for general transportation.

These plates require certification that you have another vehicle with non-collector plates.

The Minnesota DPS offers:

  • Pioneer plates for vehicles made before 1936.
  • Classic plates for vehicles made from 1925 to 1948.
  • Collector plates for vehicles:
    • Vehicle at least 20 years old.
    • Made after 1935.
  • Street rod plates for vehicles:
    • Made before 1949.
    • Made to look like a vehicle from before 1949.
  • Classic motorcycle plates for motorcycles that:
    • Are 20 years old or older, based on year of manufacture.
    • Maintain their vintage design.
  • Original Minnesota plates for any collector vehicle OR vehicle 20 years old or older. Original MN plates must:
    • Be actual MN license plates that you have purchased privately.
    • Match the year your vehicle was made; EITHER the license plate year or validation sticker year can match.
    • Have an original license plate number.

Fees for Historic & Collector Plates

The fees below are charged for historic and collector plates in Minnesota:

  • Plate application fee:
    • 2 license plates: $15.
    • 1 license plate: $13.50.
  • Registration tax:
    • Passenger vehicle: $25.
    • Motorcycle: $10.
  • Filing fee: $8.


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