Replacing a Lost CDL in Minnesota

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Generally, you must replace your lost commercial driver's license in person with Minnesota's Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS); however, if you're currently out of state you MIGHT be able to apply for a replacement CDL by mail (depending on your specific situation).

For identity theft protection, the DVS recommends filing a police report and requesting a flag on your driving record (see below). Remember, you can't legally operate a commercial truck or other commercial vehicle without a valid, properly endorsed CDL with you.

Get a Duplicate CDL in MN

Replace your lost CDL in person with Minnesota's Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS).

Before you visit your local DVS office, make sure you're ready to:

  • Complete any application(s) required to replace a lost CDL.
  • Provide the required documents. These can include:
  • Pay the $14.75 fee.
    • This is the fee for a duplicate CDL; however, you MIGHT be required to pay additional fees based on endorsements.

Out-of-State Commercial Drivers

Contact the DVS office at (651) 297-5029 for instructions on how to apply for a replacement CDL if you're currently out of state.

Flag Your Driving Record

The MN DVS recommends taking the following actions when you lose your CDL (or believe it's been stolen):

  • File a police report.
    • Consider filing a report with both local and state law enforcement.
  • Request that the DVS place a flag on your driving record.


Law Enforcement Alert for Victims of Identity Theft - PS31300

Submit this form to Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services if you suspect someone else is using your identity. Must be notarized. BBB Business Review

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