Renewing Your CDL in Minnesota

Renewing your commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Minnesota is important to continue operating Class A, B, or C vehicles legally intrastate and, in some cases, interstate.

Read on to learn how to renew not only your CDL, but also your endorsements on your CDL through Minnesota’s Driver and Vehicle Services division (DVS).

CDL Renewal Eligibility in MN

As a CDL holder in Minnesota, your license expires on your birthday 4 years after your first license or previous renewal. You can renew your license:

  • Any time throughout the year if you are older than 21 years old.
  • 3 weeks before turning 21 years old, and NO SOONER.

Your CDL driving privileges will continue as long as you renew your license on or before your designated expiration date.

MN CDL Renewal Process

The process for renewing a Minnesota commercial driver’s license is the same across Class A, B, and C licenses. Please note that when you renew your CDL, you will ALSO need to renew your endorsements. See our endorsement section below for more details.

IMPORTANT: Endorsement Renewals

When you renew your CDL, you will ALSO need to renew your endorsements. See our endorsement section below for more details.

To renew your CDL, visit your local driver’s license office or a DVS exam station in Minnesota with your:

  • Social Security number (SSN).
  • Minnesota driver’s license.
  • Documents proving U.S. citizenship. Examples include a:
    • Current passport or passport card.
    • U.S. state birth certificate.
    • Certificate of Naturalization.
  • Completed Commercial Driver License Medical Self-Certification (Form PS33203).
    • Read more in our medical information section below.
  • Approved documentation of a name change, like a marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • Payment for the appropriate fee.
    • See the fees section below for details regarding specific CDL class fees.

You will need to complete a renewal application at the time of your visit. The state also requires that you have a vision test on site, and that Driver and Vehicle Services employees take a new picture for your renewed license.

Endorsement Renewals in Minnesota

Each Class of license has several endorsements and restrictions. If you want to keep an endorsement, you must renew each one you currently hold BEFORE you renew your CDL. The general practice for renewing endorsements in Minnesota includes a knowledge or written test and a fee.

We’ll detail the Hazardous Materials (H) and School Bus (S) endorsement below, but if you have specific questions regarding an endorsement, contact Minnesota’s Driver and Vehicle Services division at (651) 297-5029.

Medical Information

When renewing your CDL, both federal regulations and the state of Minnesota require that you self-certify your medical certification status. You’ll receive a notice from the Department of Public Safety 60 days before the expiration date on your current medical certificate to renew.

You can self-certify by mail, fax, or in person. See our page on applying for a CDL for the process of self-certifying, and any waivers you may qualify for.


Commercial Driver License Medical Self-Certification
Submit this form to MN Driver and Vehicle Services to self-certify as an exempt OR non-exempt interstate OR intrastate commercial driver.
Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Submit this general medical exam to the DVS when applying for your Minnesota commercial driver's license. Must be completed by a doctor.
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