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There are two types of scooters in Minnesota: mopeds and motorized foot scooters.


"Motorized bicycles," or mopeds, meet the following requirements:

  • Possesses an electric motor OR liquid-fueled engine with piston displacement of 50 cc or less.
  • Operates on 2 brake horsepower or less.
  • Reaches a maximum speed of 30 MPH on flat surfaces.

Additionally, a motorized bicycle has an engine that:

  • Is ONLY up to 50 CC and 2 HP.
  • Propels the bicycle up to a maximum of 30 MPH.

Note:Electric-assisted bicycles DO NOT need to be registered.

Motorized Foot Scooters

These are vehicles that are stood or sat upon, and have all of the following:

  • Handlebars.
  • A motor or engine that moves the vehicle, without additional effort from the rider.
  • Wheels that have a maximum diameter of 10 inches OR a maximum speed of 15 MPH on flat surfaces.

You do not need a license to operate a motorized foot scooter in Minnesota, nor do you need to obtain registration or insurance. You must be at least 12 years old to ride, and your scooter must have a headlight and taillight in order to be operated at night.

MN Moped Permit & License

All drivers with a valid Minnesota driver's license can operate a moped. If you do not have a license, you'll need to obtain a moped permit. You must be at least 15 years old to apply.

To get your operator's instruction permit, head to your local Driver and Vehicle Services office and:

  • Present proper identification.
  • Present a certificate of completion from a state-approved moped safety course. NOTE: You may take the class if you are 14 years old, but you must wait until 15 years old to apply for the permit.
  • Submit a parental approval slip (if under 18 years old).
  • Pass a vision screening.
  • Pass a knowledge test.
  • Pay a $6.75 examination and permit fee.

Once you pass your knowledge test, the DVS will issue you a 30-day moped operator's instruction permit. This permit allows you to practice driving within 1 mile of your home before you take your on-cycle skills exam. Drivers under 16 years old may only carry a parent or guardian with you as a passenger during this period.

After you've completed your 30-day instruction period, you may take your skills exam and apply for your moped permit. Bring with you:

  • Your 30-day moped operator's instruction permit.
  • Proof of insurance for the moped on which you'll test.
  • DOT-approved helmet and eye protection.
  • A parental approval slip (for applicants under 18 years old).

Once you pass your exam, you will be issued your moped permit, which is valid for 1 year.

If you are planning to apply for a moped operator's permit, you may wish to read more about what the test will involve in the Minnesota Motorcycle and Motorized Bicycle Manual.

Moped Operation Restrictions

  • You may not operate your moped on bicycle lanes, trails, or interstate freeways.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you must wear a helmet.
  • A working headlight and taillight are required for nighttime operation. "Nighttime" means 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.
  • If you are under 16 years old, you may not ride with passengers unless the passenger is a parent/guardian.

MN Moped Registration and Insurance Requirements

In order to operate your moped, you must title and register it at a Driver and Vehicle Services location in the same manner in which you would register your car. Registration must be renewed annually. You DO NOT need to register an electric-assisted bicycle.

If you are operating a moped, you need to have liability insurance; however, you do not need it if you are operating an electric-assisted bicycle.

For specific steps on the registration process in Minnesota, please visit our vehicle registration page.

MN Moped Equipment Requirements

In order to legally operate your moped, you must make sure it's equipped with all of the following:

  • Horn.
  • Mirror.
  • Headlight (must be on during operation).
  • Taillight.
  • Stop lamp.

NOTE: If your moped was manufactured after 1987 it must have a headlight.

Snowmobiles in Minnesota

All snowmobiles must be registered with the state; however, they do not require a certificate of title. Snowmobiles need to be registered at any deputy registrar of motor vehicles, or at:

  • DNR License Bureau
  • 500 Lafayette Road
  • St. Paul, MN 55155

When you register your vehicle, you'll need the following:

New registrations and renewals both cost $113.50, plus an issuing fee of $3.50, and are good for 3 fiscal years (you can view a full list of fees on the Minnesota DNR website). You may renew at the locations mentioned above, or online. Be sure to affix your registration decal in the proper spot.

If you have a snowmobile over 25 years old, it is considered a collector snowmobile" and requires that you fill out a Permit to Operate or Transport Collector Snowmobile(s). Collector snowmobile registration for unlimited use is non-transferrable and never expires (unless ownership is transferred).

MN Snowmobile Safety Certification

If you were born after December 31, 1976, you must have safety certification to operate a snowmobile in Minnesota. The state has different requirements for youth certification and adult certification.

There are two options for youth certification (ages 11 years old to 15 years old):

Your certificate will become valid once you turn 12 years old.

There are also two options for adult certification (16 years old or older):

Option 1:

  • Complete the Adult Online Course. The course fee is $29.95 or $29.50 depending on which course you chose.

Option 2:

  • Complete a Youth Snowmobile Certification Class.

To obtain a Snowmobile Safety Training CD, call (888) 646-6367, (651) 296-6157, or (800) 366-8917, or email a request with your name and address to

Duplicate certificates can be requested by calling (888) 646-6367 or (651) 296-6157.

Snowmobile State Trail Stickers

The state trail decal and the snowmobile registration decal have been merged into just one sticker. If a snowmobile is from out-of-state, and not registered in MN, it will still be required to have the $50 state trail sticker.

If your snowmobile requires a sticker and you do not have one affixed, you will be subject to a ticket or fine and required to purchase an annual penalty trail sticker which can be almost double the regular annual fee.

If you have a snowmobile that is not registered in MN, you may not operate it on state or grant-in-aid trails unless a sticker is displayed on the vehicle. A sticker costs $50 and is only valid from November 1 to June 30. Stickers for snowmobiles operated by a dealer/manufacturer cost $16.

You can get a trail sticker using any of the following avenues:

  • Use an Electronic License System Agent (to find an ELS agent, go online or call (888)-MINNDNR).
  • Call (888) 665-4236 and order using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. An additional fee of 3% will apply for sales via web or phone and an additional $1.50 for licenses needing to be mailed.
  • Use the DNR online licensing system.
  • Visit the DNR Central Office at:

    • Central Office Building
    • 500 Lafayette Road
    • St. Paul, MN 55155

A snowmobile does not need a sticker if:

  • It is used to groom a state or grant-in-aid trail.
  • It is owned by the federal government, Indian tribal government, state, or political subdivisions.
  • It is a collector snowmobile operated with a permit.
  • It is operated on a trail owned by the operator or the operator's spouse, parent, or child.

Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) in Minnesota

In Minnesota, Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) include the following:

  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs).
  • Off-road vehicles (ORVs).
  • Off-highway motorcycles (OHMs).


Minnesota defines ATVs as motorized, flotation-tired vehicles with the following:

  • 3 to 6 tires that are low-pressure.
  • Less than 2,000 lbs dry weight.

Tire rim width determines whether an ATV is labeled Class 1 or Class 2:

  • Class 1 ATV: Has a total width of 50 inches or less from outside of tire rim to outside of tire rim. 
  • Class 2 ATV: Has a total width of more than 50 inches from outside of tire rim to outside of tire rim, but not more than 65 inches.


ORVs, or off-road vehicles, are motorized, recreational vehicles intended for cross-country travel over natural terrain.

OHMs, or off-highway motorcycles, are motorized vehicles equipped with a handlebar for steering and a seat or saddle to be straddled by the driver.
You may legally use an OHM on highways and still classify your vehicle as an OHM if you use it on trails or rough terrain.

Minnesota ATV Safety Training

If you were born after July 1, 1987, you must complete an ATV Course prior to operating an ATV. You may take the class if you are at least 16 years old. Requirements for class completion are:

  • Complete the ATV course online ($29.50 fee).
  • Take a DNR field operating class (Safety Training).
  • Pay the $10 maximum DNR fee to the instructor.
  • Print 2 copies of the exam. Keep one for use as a Temporary Certificate and mail the other along with a $10 check or money order payable to the DNR at:
    • Safety Training Section
    • 15011 Hwy 115
    • Little Falls, MN 56345

When you've sent in your completed exam and payment, your certificate will be sent to you in the mail.

If you are between 11 and 15 years old, you can get a certificate; however, it won't be valid until you turn 12 years old. You'll need to take both the ATV online course and attend and pass an ATV Safety Training class. The course fee is $10.

MN OHV Registration Requirements

All Minnesota residents must register their OHVs with the state. Make sure to fill out a Universal Registration Form when registering. OHVs do not need to be titled.

In order to obtain an OHV license and registration, you'll need to provide all of the following:

  • Make/model/year.
  • Serial number.
  • Engine size.
  • Dry weight (for ATV registration only).
  • Your driver's license.

If your OHM or ORV is currently registered and you need to renew, you'll also need that registration number.

You can register your OHV at any deputy registrar of motor vehicles, or at:

  • DNR License Bureau
  • 500 Lafayette Road
  • St. Paul, MN 55155

OHV Registration Fees

The cost of a new registration for an OHV is:

  • ORVs and OHMs: $30 (plus an issuing fee of $8.50).
  • ATVs: $60 (plus an issuing fee of $8.50).

The cost of a renewal is:

  • ORVs and OHMs: $30 (plus an issuing fee of $6).
  • ATVs: $60 (plus an issuing fee of $6).

The DNR provides a full fee schedule.

If you are renewing your OHV registration, you can go to either location mentioned above or use the DNR online licensing system.

Non-Resident Registration of ATVs and ORVs

If your OHV is legally registered out of state (or is registered in another country) and will not be in Minnesota for over 30 days, you do not need to register it. However, if your home state does not require registration, you must register your OHV in Minnesota. You can register at either of the locations mentioned above or:

Once you get your registration, remember to affix it in the proper location on your vehicle.

Non-Resident State ATV Trail Pass

If you are not a resident of Minnesota, you will need a trail pass to drive on state or grant-in-aid trails, unless your ATV is registered with the state.

You do not need the pass if only operating on trails owned by the driver, or the parent, child, or spouse of the driver. You must carry this pass and have it available for inspection.

Trail pass fees are:

  • New: $21 (Valid for 1 year).
  • Duplicates: $2.50.

You can obtain a pass through the Electronic License System (ELS) using one of 3 methods:

NOTE: A 3% convenience fee is added to sales done by phone or web. An additional $1.65 is charged if any licenses are sent by mail. An additional charge of 3% may be added to online purchases as well.

To learn more information about OHVs, including safety procedures and operating rules, visit the DNR OHV section.

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