New to Minnesota

SUMMARY: New Minnesota Residents

As you establish Minnesota residency, you'll need to complete a number of tasks with the MN Driver and Vehicle Services division. Some of these actions include transferring your driver's license, registering your car, and registering to vote. If you're a newly stationed military member, you may have certain exemptions from requirements because of your military status.

Minnesota State Departments

In Minnesota, the division of Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), a part of the Department of Public Safety (DPS), is responsible for vehicle transactions, such as:

The Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is another division of the MN Department of Public Safety. The OTS website provides valuable information related to driver safety as well as traffic laws.

  • Distracted driving laws.
  • Graduated driver license requirements.
  • DUI laws and consequences.
  • Child car seat laws.
Just Moved?

Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV.

Register Your Car in Minnesota

If you're bringing your car from your previous state to Minnesota with you, you must register your car with the MN DVS within 60 days of becoming a resident. You'll need to visit your local DVS office and pay the required fee.

For more information, including the documents you must submit, see our Car Registration in Minnesota page.

Special Vehicles

If you need to register a special vehicle, such as a recreational vehicle (RV), off-road vehicle, or snowmobile, your registration and licensing requirements will be different. Visit our registration guide for Special Vehicles for more information.

Required Car Insurance

In order to register your car in Minnesota, you'll need to be covered by acceptable car insurance. Moving to a new state may be a great time for you to assess your current coverage and compare quotes from other providers. For more information, visit our Minnesota Car Insurance center.

Car Inspections

While there are no mandatory safety or emissions inspections in Minnesota, you can have your car inspected for your own peace of mind. You may find that you even qualify for green driving incentives. For more information, visit our Car Inspections page.

Minnesota Driver's License/ID Cards

Once you become a Minnesota resident, you have 60 days to transfer your out-of-state driver's license to the DVS. You will need to visit your local MN DVS office, provide the required documents and payment, and surrender your out-of-state license.

If you're a teenager, you'll need to meet the state's graduated driver's licensing (GDL) program requirements before you will be issued a full driver's license.

For more information, visit our following pages:

If you need a commercial driver's license (CDL), follow the instructions on our guide to Applying for a New CDL in Minnesota.

Identification Cards

If you won't be driving in Minnesota, you may wish to apply for an identification card. You can use one to prove your identity, age, and address. For more information, visit our Identification Cards page.

Organ Donor and Voter Registration

If you were registered to vote or registered as an organ donor in your previous state, you'll need to re-register in Minnesota. Your information doesn't automatically get transferred to your new address.

Organ Donation

Each state has its own organ donor registry, so once you move to Minnesota, you'll need to add yourself to the state's list. You can do this either online or in person when you apply for a driver's license from the MN Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS). If you'd like more information about how organ donation can save lives, or are ready to sign up now, visit our Organ Donation page.

Voter Registration

If you'd like to be able to vote in the next election in Minnesota, you'll need to make sure you're registered by the deadline date. Visit our Voter Registration page for more information.

Military Members Stationed in Minnesota

If you're only in Minnesota temporarily to fulfill your military obligations, you and your immediate family may be exempt from certain MN DVS licensing and registration requirements. For more information, see our intlink id="39" nav="Drivers in the Military" url="" tooltip="Internal link">Drivers in the Military page.

DMV Office Locations & Resources

If you have all your documents handy and you're ready to visit the Minnesota DMV, find your nearest location using our office finder tool.

Before you get on the road with your new MN driver's license, make sure you're away of all the road rules. Read the DMV's handy manuals for more information:

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