Motorcycle Registration in Minnesota

Before you can legally operate a motorcycle on the road in Minnesota, you'll need to have it registered with the MN Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division.

Whether you're new to Minnesota or a longtime resident, use this guide to learn about registering your motorcycle in The North Star State.

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New Minnesota Residents

After establishing Minnesota residency, you'll have a grace period of 60 days to register your motorcycle. Visit your local deputy registrar office with:

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How to Get a Motorcycle Registration in Minnesota

When you purchase a new motorcycle, the steps for registration can differ depending on if you bought it from a Minnesota dealership OR private seller. Below are the steps you'll need to take to register your motorcycle with the MN Driver and Vehicle Services.

Motorcycles from Dealerships

When you purchase a motorcycle from a dealership in Minnesota , the dealership agent can typically take care of the registration process for you. All applicable motorcycle registration fees are usually included in the purchase price.

The dealership may also issue you a temporary registration permit, valid for 21 days. You should receive your permanent motorcycle registration and plates before the temporary permit expires. Check with your dealer for more information.

Motorcycles from Private Sellers

When you purchase a motorcycle from a private seller, you must handle the registration process yourself.

You can do this in person OR by mail. To do so, first gather the following:

  • The title for the motorcycle, which must include:
    • Signatures from the buyer AND seller.
    • An odometer disclosure is required for 20 years for all vehicles with model year 2011 and newer.
    • A damage disclosure is required for all vehicles.
    • The motorcycle's vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • A statement of the motorcycle's engine size on the front of the title.
    • A completed Application to Title and Register a Motor Vehicle (Form PS2000).
  • Proof of Minnesota motorcycle insurance.
  • A completed bill of sale.
  • Copy of the lease agreement, if applicable.
  • Your Minnesota motorcycle license.
  • Payment for all appropriate fees and taxes. See our section on motorcycle registration fees below for complete details.

To complete the registration process:

  • Take the required items to your local MN deputy registrar office.
  • Mail the above items to:
    • DVS
    • 445 Minnesota St
    • St Paul, MN 55101

If you still need a Minnesota motorcycle title, check out our title transfer guide.

Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

You may be required to pay the following fees and taxes when your register your motorcycle with the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services:

  • Motorcycle registration tax: $10.
  • Motorcycle plate fee: $13.50.
  • Motor vehicle sales tax: 6.875% of your motorcycle's total purchase price OR fair market value (whichever's higher).
  • State/deputy filing fee: $11.


Application to Title and Register a Motor Vehicle
Title and register your vehicle with Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services.
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