DVS Forms in Minnesota

Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) provides the majority of necessary applications, required documents, and other forms online. The DVS forms below are provided in PDF format, and require Adobe Reader software for viewing and printing. 

If you need help filling out a form or can't find the paperwork you need, visit your local MN DVS office or call Driver and Vehicle Services about: 

  • Driver-related forms: (651) 297-3298.
  • Vehicle-related forms: (651) 297-2126. 

If you're looking for handbooks, hop over to our pages with the MN motorcycle manual and the driver's handbook

Most Requested Forms

PS2000 Application to Title and Register a Motor Vehicle

Title and register your vehicle with Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services.

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Driver's License & ID Forms

PS30188 Farm Work License Affidavit

Request a restricted Minnesota farm work license for your child if they'll need to operate farming vehicles. Must be notarized.

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PS33135 Home School Driver’s Education Affidavit

Use this DVS form to verify your child is being homeschooled AND receiving the proper in-class driver's education as part of their requirements for a Minnesota driver's license.

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PS30338 Vision Report

The DVS requires you to submit this vision exam if you have inadequate eyesight and wish to apply for a Minnesota driver's license.

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Title & Registration Forms

PS2025 Affidavit to Correct the Ownership Record of a Motor Vehicle

Submit this form to the DVS to request a correction to a Minnesota vehicle ownership record.

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PS2067B Application for Duplicate Plates And/Or Stickers

Request duplicate MN license plates AND/OR stickers from the DVS.

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PS2067A Application for Duplicate Title, Registration, Cab or Lien Card

Apply for a duplicate Minnesota title, registration card, cab card, OR lien card from the DVS.

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PS2010 Application for Special Plates

Request new, transferred, OR replacement specialized AND/OR vanity MN license plates from Driver and Vehicle Services.

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PS2071 Assignment of a Vehicle to a Surviving Spouse/Not Subject to Probate

Submit this form when taking ownership of a vehicle once belonging to your now-deceased spouse.

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PS2511 Claim for Motor Vehicle Refund

Request a refund for MN registration fees/taxes if you meet the qualifications on this form.

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PS2015A Declaration of Reconstruction/Special Assembly

Complete this form as part of titling a reconstructed OR specially assembled vehicle with MN Driver and Vehicle Services. Must be signed by the repair shop owner and employee who worked on your vehicle.

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PS2052 Defective Title Bond

Submit this form to the DVS when transferring ownership of an older car that you don't have a title for. Form must be obtained at your deputy registrar's office. Not available online.

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PS2002 Statement of Facts

Submit this form to MN Driver and Vehicle Services when applying for a title on a vehicle you have no ownership documents for.

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Commercial Forms

PS33203 Commercial Driver License Medical Self-Certification

Submit this form to MN Driver and Vehicle Services to self-certify as an exempt OR non-exempt interstate OR intrastate commercial driver.

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649-F Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination

Submit this general medical exam to the DVS when applying for your Minnesota commercial driver's license. Must be completed by a doctor.

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Disability Forms

PS2005 Application for Disability Parking Certificate

Request temporary OR permanent disability parking certificates from MN Driver and Vehicle Services. Form must be completed by your doctor.

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Voter Registration Forms

76 Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application

Submit this form to register to vote AND request an absentee ballot if you're a MN resident currently residing out-of-country.

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