Applying for Special Plates in Minnesota

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Minnesota License Plate

You can apply for personalized or specialty Minnesota license plates in person or by mail. To renew your plates, simply renew your vehicle registration. You can replace or transfer specialty plates in Minnesota by bringing the appropriate form and fee, listed below.

You can apply for custom license plates with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division.

Applying for Special Plates in Minnesota

You can order a custom license plate from the MN DPS by:

NOTE: You must have a current car insurance policy on your vehicle in order to apply for plates.

Required Documentation for Special Plates

Certain plates have specific requirements and/or mandatory documentation. For example, disability plates require the signature of a licensed physician certifying that you meet the requirements for a disability plate.

Make sure you read all of the instructions on the application regarding the specific plate for which you are applying.

Personalized Plate Application

Not all plates can be personalized. Only collector series, such as collector, street rod, and standard plate design may be personalized. The following guidelines apply to personalized plates in Minnesota:

  • Passenger vehicles and pick-up trucks can have personalized plates with the standard background and up to 7 characters (with space and hyphens).
  • All other vehicle types are limited to 6 characters. This includes:
    • Pickups weighing 1 ton or more.
    • Motorcycles and mopeds.
    • Self-propelled vehicles.
    • RVs.
      • Vertical motorcycle plates are limited to 4 characters.
  • All plates must have a minimum of 1 alpha character.

Veteran Special Plates in MN

Veteran plates have very specific application requirements. You must:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements as outlined by the MN DVS.
  • Submit a copy of your separation papers (Form DD214) that shows honorable discharge, if no longer in the military.
  • Current military ID, if in the military at time of application.
  • Meet any other requirements as outlined on the application.

Renewing Special Plates

You'll renew your special MN license plates along with your scheduled vehicle registration renewal.

You can renew your registration:

Visit our Registration Renewal in Minnesota page for detailed information and fees.

Replacing Special MN Plates

In order to replace a specialty plate that's been lost, stolen, or damaged:

  • Complete the Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010).
    • Make sure to fill out Section G.
  • Pay the applicable fee.
    • Fees will vary by plate type. Visit the DVS website and choose your special plate type to see your specific replacement fee.

You can submit your application and fees:

Transferring Special Plates

To Another of Your Vehicles

The Minnesota DVS allows you to transfer personalized and special plates (including disability plates) to another vehicle that is currently registered in your name as long as you:

  • Complete the Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010).
  • Make sure to describe the vehicle to which you'll transfer the new plates.
  • Get new plates for the vehicle that originally had the custom license plates.
    • If the expiration dates do not match, you must get the special plates adjusted.
  • Pay the transfer fee.

NOTE: If you plan to transfer your plates to a vehicle that is a different class, you must get new plates that have the number of characters allowable for that class.

To a Buyer of Your Vehicle

If you're selling a vehicle that has custom plates, you can leave them on the vehicle. The buyer will then have the right to the special plates.

You will need to submit a statement to the DVS that the plates will stay with the sold vehicle.

If you plan to keep your special or personalized plates and transfer them to another vehicle in your name, follow the instructions above.

What If I Want to Keep My Plate Combination?

You can keep the rights to your custom plate; however, to do so you must ensure the vehicle showing those plates is currently registered in your name.

If you've sold your vehicle and do not have another on which to transfer your plates, you can ask for an extension of up to 1 year by submitting a request to the address on the Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010).

Fees for Special License Plates

Application Fees

Special plates in MN have varying fees for, based on plate type. You can find your specific fee by visiting the MN DVS website.

Application fees for special plates typically come with:

  • Plate fee: varies.
  • $8 filing fee.
    • Exceptions:
      • Personalized plates: $100 plus $12 filing fee.
      • Collector plates:
        • 2 plates: $15.
        • 1 plate: $13.50.
        • $25 one-time registration tax.
        • $12 filing fee.
      • Ex-POW and Medal of Honor: Free.

Additional fees may include:

  • Registration fee (if applicable).
  • Any required contribution fees.
    • Plates that mandate contribution typically have minimum $30 donation, unless it's a collegiate plate, which has a minimum $25 contribution).

Replacement Fees

Fees for duplicate special plates will start at $13.50 and may increase if you need double plates.

Renewal Fees

You will renew your registration each year and pay both:

Transfer Fees

Transfer fees will vary according to your plate type. See the MN DVS website and choose your plate type to find your transfer fee.


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