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Obtaining or renewing your driver's license or vehicle registration if you are military personnel can sometimes be a challenge due to your location or specific job. has gathered information to help you―wherever you may be stationed.

Within these pages, you'll find links or mailing addresses to renew your driver's license, and the requirements needed for identification purposes.

You'll also find information on registering a new or used car, or renewing the tags on your current vehicle. Some states allow online registration, others require the paperwork to be done in person, but may allow someone with power-of-attorney to handle your business. We provide you with all the details you need, and contact information, too.

Scads of forms are also available online for you to print and complete. You'll discover applications for almost every transaction you need concerning your vehicle or driver's license. If the forms aren't available online, we tell you how to get them.

Many states allow you to register to vote when applying for your driver's license, so we've provided the information you'll need to participate in all elections―even when you're far from home. also provides you with information on how to replace your lost or stolen driver's license.

Veterans, be sure to check out the military section for your state. Some offer free license plates and driver's licenses to our veterans; some give special discounts or other considerations.

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