Types of Special License Plates in Michigan

SUMMARY: Specialty Michigan License Plates

Several specialty license plates are available in Michigan, including personalized plates, fundraising license plates for colleges and charities, military plates, and historical plates. Each has its own eligibility requirements and fees, listed below.

Keep reading for information about the types of specialty plates offered by the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS).


Personalized Michigan Plates

The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) allows you to personalize license plates for most vehicles by choosing your own license plate number.

Personalization is available for the standard license plate designs and some special plate designs. Special plates that can be personalized include:

  • The Agricultural Heritage plate.
  • The Donate Life plate.
  • The Veterans Memorial plate.
  • Other special plates.

You'll pay a personalization fee in addition to other plate fees.

Personalized Plate Eligibility

You are allowed to purchase personalized plates instead of standard license plates for most vehicle types, including:

  • Passenger vehicles.
  • Trucks and vans.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Motorhomes.

You CANNOT get a personalized plate for a vehicle:

  • Classed as a utility vehicle.
  • Requiring a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) plate.

Plate Number Availability

You can check the availability of letter/number combinations on the Michigan SOS Plate It Your Way website.

Even if your preferred combination is available, Michigan SOS will still have to approve your request.

Acceptable letter and number combinations are restricted to:

  • The number of allowable characters, which varies by plate design and plate type.
  • Only letters, numbers, and spaces (spaces count as characters).
  • A unique letter/number combination NOT already in use.

The MI SOS will NOT approve letter/number combinations that include:

  • Profanity.
  • Sexually explicit content.
  • Alcohol or drug references.
  • References to violence or other illegal acts.

Application information is available on our Applying for Specialty Plates page.

Fees for Personalized Plates

When you order a personalized plate, you will have to pay:

  • The regular registration fee.
  • A $30 service fee.
    • This fee may be prorated based on when you apply.

When you renew a Michigan personalized plate, you'll be charged:

Fundraising & Collegiate Plates

Fundraising plates help support a variety of organizations, including the Michigan's state-supported universities and several charities.

Fundraising license plates include plates for:

  • The Boy Scouts of America.
  • Breast cancer awareness.
  • Disaster relief through the American Red Cross.
  • Veterans' memorials.

The MI SOS provides a complete list of fundraising plates.

You'll pay a special plate fee for fundraising plates IN ADDITION to vehicle registration fees:

  • $35 to order the plate.
    • $25 of this fee goes to the organization.
  • $10 to renew the plate.
    • The total $10 goes to the organization.

Application information is available on our Special Plates Application page.

Military Specialty Plates in MI

Military and veteran Michigan license plates are available:

  • To United States military veterans.
  • To spouses of veterans (some designs only).
  • For both cars and motorcycles (some designs only).

Military license plates cover specific conflicts, military branches, and service medals. Available plates include:

  • Afghanistan Conflict Veteran plate.
  • Vietnam War Veteran plate.
  • Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy Veteran plates.
  • Medal of Honor plate.

The MI SOS has a complete list of military license plates. See our Disability Plates page for information about disabled veteran plates.

Fees and eligibility requirements differ by license plate type. See the MI SOS website for specific application and eligibility information.

Historic License Plates

An historical license plate in Michigan is valid for 10 years. To distinguish it from a standard plate, it has the word “historical" printed on the bottom.

You can apply for an historical license plate IF your vehicle:

  • Is at least 26 years old.
  • Is owned ONLY as a collector's item.
  • Will ONLY be used for events such as historical club activities, parades, or car shows.

Historical plates CANNOT be used on cars that will be used for regular transportation.

There is a $30 fee for these plates. Visit our Applying for Specialty Michigan Plates page for instructions.

Authentic License Plates

If you have an historic vehicle, the MI SOS allows you to buy license plates from the year your car was manufactured.

You must pay $35 to use these authentic license plates on your vehicle. See the MI Secretary of State website for additional application information.

Special Organization MI License Plates

The following license plates are available if you are a member of the relevant public service groups:

  • Michigan Fraternal Order of Police.
  • Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union.
  • Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan.
  • Michigan State Firemen's Association.
  • Police Officers Association of Michigan.

You must be able to show proof of membership and pay a $25 fee when ordering these plates. See our Special Plates Application page for more information.

Fees for Specialty Plates in Michigan

Most specialty plate fees are charged IN ADDITION to regular registration fees. Note that some license plates may come with registration fee exemptions.

  • Personalized plate:
    • New plate: $30.
    • Renewal: $15.
  • Fundraising plates:
    • New plate: $35.
    • Renewal: $10.
  • Military plates: Fee varies by plate type. See the MI SOS military plate page for details.
  • Historic plates: $30. Valid for 10 years.
  • Authentic plate: $35 to apply to use a vintage plate you purchase privately.
  • Special Organizations: $25.
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