Replacing a Lost License in Michigan

Replacing a Lost License in Michigan

A lost or stolen driver's license takes away your ability to drive legally and leaves you without your main form of identification. In some cases, losing your license puts you at risk for identity theft.

The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) provides several options for quickly replacing a lost license in Michigan, whether you're in the state or traveling out of state or abroad.

Upgrading to a REAL ID

If you wish to replace a non-compliant license with a REAL ID-compliant license, follow the steps for a first-time license application.

Report Your Lost or Stolen MI Driver's License, Permit, or ID

The state does not require that you report your lost Michigan driver's license, permit, or ID to the MI SOS or to law enforcement because applying for a replacement license automatically cancels your previous license. However, it recommends reporting a lost or stolen enhanced driver's license. (See below for more information.)

For your protection, the SOS does provide a Driver License Alert. When the SOS files this form, it puts a flag on your driving record and notifies law enforcement that someone else might use your name and identification during a traffic stop.

This form does not help locate your lost or stolen license; it only keeps traffic violations off your record should another person use your license, ID, or permit during a stop.

Remember, reporting your lost license to the SOS and law enforcement puts it on record and can help fight against identity theft attempts.

Enhanced Driver Licenses

The MI SOS does recommend reporting a lost or stolen enhanced driver's license (EDL) so they can immediately cancel it and prevent anyone from using it for border crossing. Report a lost or stolen EDL at your local SOS office.

Replace Your Lost or Stolen MI License

Your options for replacement vary based on the type of license or ID you are replacing.

REAL IDs & Replacements

If you plan to upgrade to a MI REAL ID upon replacement, you'll need to do so in person and follow the steps for a first-time REAL ID application. Jump over to our license guide for help.

You can replace your standard lost or stolen MI driver's license or ID online or in person. For information on replacing an enhanced MI license or ID, please see "Replace Your Enhanced MI Driver's License" below. 


You cannot replace your license or ID online if you have:

  • An expired driver's license.
  • Changed your address in the last 10 days.
  • Renewed your license or requested a duplicate license in the last 4 weeks.
  • Any of the following licenses:
    • Temporary license.
    • Enhanced driver's license.
    • Minor restricted license.

To replace your license online:

  • Visit the state's ExpressSOS Replacement Driver’s License system.
  • Have ready:
    • Your driver's license number.
    • Your date of birth and eye color.
    • Your Social Security number.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • Pay the applicable fee. (See “Replacement Fees" below.)
    • Accepted payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card or debit card.
    • NOTE: The ExpressSOS system charges a nominal service fee in addition to the normal replacement fee.

The ExpressSOS system creates a receipt for your records. You can print this receipt or save it to your computer files. The state recommends printing the receipt, as this will act as your temporary license until your new license arrives. You should receive your new license within 3 weeks.

In Person

If you'd rather apply in person, just visit your local SOS office with:

  • Proofs of identity. The SOS provides a full list of acceptable documents, but common examples include:
    • Certified birth certificate.
    • A Michigan-issued marriage license or divorce decree.
    • Photo ID card issued by a Michigan or federal government agency.
    • School documents such as a school ID with photo and name, a diploma, a yearbook, or transcripts.*
    • All documents must be originals.
  • Payment for the applicable fee. (See “Replacement Fees" below.)

You'll receive a temporary paper license to use until you receive your new license, which should arrive in a few weeks.

If your driver's license is going to expire, you may be able to renew it instead of replace it.

* Minors without any proof of identity must have their parents show their driver licenses or ID cards and sign for them.

Replace Your Enhanced MI Driver's License

You must apply for an enhanced driver's license or state ID card in person at your local SOS office.

You will need to present proof of identity. (See examples above.) For your convenience, the MI SOS provides a full list of accepted documentation.

See below for applicable fees.

Replacement MI Driver's License Fees

Your fee will vary based on the license or ID type you're replacing:

Standard MI Driver's License:

  • Driver's license duplicate: $9.
  • Chauffeur's license duplicate: $18.
  • State ID card: $10.

Enhanced MI Driver's License:

  • Enhanced driver's license renewal: $38.
  • Enhanced chauffeur's license renewal: $43.
  • Enhanced driver's license duplicate/correction: $24
  • Enhanced chauffeur's license duplicate/correction: $33
  • Enhanced ID card duplicate: $30
  • Enhanced ID card (65+ or blind) duplicate: $20

Out-of-State or Overseas License Replacement

Not in Michigan? No problem. You can still apply for a duplicate license. The steps will vary based on whether you're applying for a standard or enhanced license/ID.

Standard Driver's License

There are a couple of ways for replacing a lost MI license out of state.

You can apply for a replacement license online using the ExpressSOS system, as explained above. (You cannot replace an EDL online.)

Alternatively, you can apply by mail or fax:

  • Download and complete an Out-of-State Resident Duplicate Driver License Application (Form BDVR-162).
  • Complete each section as it applies to you.
  • Mark whether you need an extended license mailed to your out-of-state address.
    • Temporary licenses take approximately 10 business days to arrive.
  • Check which type of license you need: regular or enhanced.
  • Include the applicable fee, detailed on the application. You can pay by personal check or money order made payable to the State of Michigan, or by a VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card.

If you're paying by personal check or money order, you must mail the application to:

Michigan Department of State
Special Services Branch
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI 48918

If you're paying by credit or debit card, you can fax the application to (517) 636-5865.

Out-of-Country or Overseas Drivers

If you're outside the U.S. and/or overseas and need to replace a regular driver's license or ID, you can use the same method as out-of-state drivers use, as outlined above—unless you have an EDL.

Because an EDL is a federally accepted travel document for re-entering the country, you must either:

  • Contact the U.S. Embassy in the country you're visiting.
  • Contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection when you arrive at the U.S. port.

An embassy or customs agent will assist you from there.

MI License Replacement for Military Members

You can apply for military license replacement in MI by mail or online using ExpressSOS, as outlined above; however, you must use the by-mail option if you need a replacement EDL.

NOTE: If you choose to apply by mail, you must include your APO/FBO address for the out-of-state mailing address.

Your replacement license will be mailed to your residential address; not your out-of-state or overseas address.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in MI

To replace a lost or stolen commercial driver's license (CDL), you'll follow the same in-person, by-mail, or online Michigan license replacement processes as outlined above.

If you have additional questions, call the SOS at (517) 636-5872 for assistance.


Out-of-State Resident Duplicate Driver License Application
Use this form if you're currently out-of-state and need to request a duplicate Michigan driver's license from the Secretary of State.
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