DMV Practice Tests in Michigan

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Michigan

Passing a knowledge test is mandatory if you want to earn your MI driver's license. Practice tests are available to help you obtain your learner's permit, driver's license, commercial driver's license (CDL), or motorcycle license.

Keep reading to learn about the various online DMV practice tests in Michigan.

Benefits of Taking a DMV Practice Test

The written tests given by the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) are rather challenging. Our online DMV practice tests are designed to help you study and pass the Michigan knowledge test on your first try. Practice tests also:

Available DMV Practice Tests

Online DMV practice tests are available for each type of driver's license in Michigan. Be sure to choose the correct practice test(s) for your specific license type.

Driver's License and Permit Practice Tests

Learner's Permit: The moment you finish Segment 1 of an approved Driver's Ed course and turn 14 years and 8 months old, you can start getting ready for the written exam by taking our learner's permit practice test.

Driver's License: This online practice test is appropriate for unlicensed adults who are older than 17 years old or new MI residents. Also available in Spanish (examen de practica para la licencia). Includes a section on road signs.

NOTE: If your out-of-state driver's license is valid or has been expired for less than 4 years, the Michigan SOS may waive your written and driving tests.

Motorcycle Online Practice Tests

Since motorcycle riders are subject to different rules and requirements, you may want to take and pass the online motorcycle practice test before taking the motorcycle written test in Michigan.

For initial study, read the Michigan Motorcycle Manual.

CDL & Endorsement Practice Tests

When applying for a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Michigan, the SOS may require you to take several CDL written exam(s) for the license class and endorsements you need. The following practice tests may come in handy:

Other Michigan Study Materials

To help you study for your MI SOS written exam, you can also order printed study guides and multimedia educational materials.

You can download and print DMV study guides, which include:

  • A variety of practice test questions.
  • Material to help you learn the traffic signs.
  • Instructions on how to apply for your MI driver's license.

Also available is the Driver Prep Course; an online video course with slides and visual tools to help you prepare for your knowledge and driving skills tests.

About the MI DMV Written Exam

In Michigan, the knowledge test (also called written test) is used to determine your understanding of traffic laws and safe driving rules.

When you're ready, you can make an appointment online with your local MI driver's license branch office. The Michigan SOS recommends you arrive well before closing to ensure you have enough time to complete the knowledge test.

For more information about applying for a MI learner's permit or driver's license, please visit the following pages:

NOTE: If you have difficulty with English, the MI SOS can provide language interpreters or printed translations of the knowledge tests in multiple languages.

Sample Written Exam Questions

The Michigan DMV knowledge test is offered in multiple-choice format. Here are a few sample questions so you know what to expect:

As you approach an intersection with a yellow flashing light in Michigan:

a) Make a complete stop and wait for a green light.
b) Turn the other direction since the intersection is closed.
c) Proceed through the intersection carefully.
d) Prepare to stop because the light will be turning red soon.

(Answer: c)

In Michigan, if you're driving through a work zone with a “45 Where Workers Present" sign, you should:

a. Reduce your speed immediately.
b. Drive at a safe speed for conditions, look out for construction workers, and slow down to 45 mph or less where workers are present.
c. Merge over to the right lane.
d. All answers are correct.

(Answer: d)

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