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Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements in Michigan

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time, and if one happens to you, the financial ramifications can be harsh.

Due to the possible expenses involved, the Secretary of State's (SOS) office demands that you be able to show a certain level of financial responsibility before allowing you to register your cycle. And, the only way to do this is by having a motorcycle insurance policy that meets the state's minimum requirements.

Ways to Establish Financial Responsibility

While some states present their residents with several means to show their proof of financial responsibility, you only have one option: liability insurance that includes bodily injury and property damage.

It's critical to note that while Michigan practices no-fault insurance for cars, it doesn't for motorcycles. So, keep that in mind when searching for an insurance policy.

Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

If you're confused about what constitutes a motorcycle under state law, you can call the SOS at (888) 767-6424. Or, you can try to figure it out by reading these definitions:

  • Motorcycle―A motorcycle has an engine displacement of more than 50 cubic centimeters.
  • Moped―A vehicle with an engine displacement of 50 cubic centimeters or less, 2 HP or less, and is unable to reach a speed of higher than 30 MPH on a flat service.

Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

To meet the mandatory motorcycle insurance standards, you'll need at least the following amounts and types of protection:

  • $50,000 of coverage for bodily injuries or death involving one person in a single accident.
  • $100,000 of coverage for bodily injuries or deaths involving more than one person in a single accident.
  • $10,000 of coverage for property damage in a single accident.

As you get your motorcycle insurance quotes, remember, these are just the state minimum amounts of insurance. To be better prepared to handle the possible costs associated with an accident―especially since you're not protected by the state's no-fault policy―you might want to consider much higher levels of coverage.

Smart consumers know they can obtain a lot more coverage for not that much more money by comparison shopping online (or by phone) to find the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates.

How Coverage Affects Helmet Requirements

Some states reduce their financial responsibility requirements for riders who wear a helmet. This isn't the case in Michigan, so you'll have to follow the rules and wear a helmet, and meet the same insurance requirements.

Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility

The SOS won't automatically know if you're properly insured by hearing directly from your insurance company. So, it's up to you to have your insurance certificate with you when riding.

Penalties for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

What happens if you have no proof of insurance when requested to show it?

You'll receive a traffic citation. You may be able to have it waived later if you're able to provide proof that you were properly insured at the time you were issued the citation.

If you're caught without motorcycle insurance coverage, your license will be suspended and your registration could be canceled. You'll then face penalty and reinstatement fees to be able to ride again. And, of course, provide evidence that you're now properly insured. You may also be convicted of a misdemeanor and face fines and even jail time.

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