SOS Forms in Michigan

The Michigan's Secretary of State (SOS) has done a great job of making most driver and vehicle forms available online, many of which you can download below

All the online forms are in Adobe PDF format. To view, save, and print them, you will need Adobe's free Reader software, which is easy to download and install. 

Looking for instruction manuals? Head over to our pages on MI driver handbooks and motorcycle manuals for more.

If you can't find the form you need or have questions about filling one out, call the SOS at (888) 767-6424 OR visit your local Secretary of State branch office.

Most Requested Forms

Application for Michigan Vehicle Title
Apply for a Michigan car title with the SOS.
Application for a Social Security Card
Application for an original, duplicate, OR corrected Social Security card.
Change of Address/Voter Registration
Use this form to register to vote in Michigan AND/OR change your address with the SOS.
Voter Registration Application/ Driver License/Personal ID Card Address Change
Register to vote in Michigan AND/OR notify the Secretary of State of a change in address.

Driver's License & ID Forms

Application for Drivers License Reinstatement
Apply to reinstate your MI driver's license with the Secretary of State. Must meet legal eligibility requirements for reinstatement.
Out-of-State Resident Duplicate Driver License Application
Use this form if you're currently out-of-state and need to request a duplicate Michigan driver's license from the Secretary of State.
Request for Driver Evaluation
Submit to the Michigan SOS to request that a driver be re-evaluated on their driving skills and safety. Typically used following a medical episode that could impair driving ability.

Title & Registration Forms

Application for Original Michigan Salvage Title
Apply for a MI salvage OR scrap title with the Secretary of State.
Application for Salvage Vehicle Inspection
Complete this form after repairing a salvage vehicle. Must be completed by a vehicle inspector approved by the Michigan SOS.
Odometer Mileage Statement
SOS form used to disclose the amount of miles on a vehicle you're transferring ownership of in Michigan.
Special Mailing of Certificate of Title
Give the Secretary of State permission to release your MI vehicle/watercraft title to another party.

Buying & Selling Forms

Appointment of Agent/Power of Attorney
Power of attorney form giving someone else permission to sign SOS documents on your behalf for the buying, selling, OR titling of a vehicle, motorhome, OR watercraft.

Ticket & Violations Forms

Request For a Hearing
Request a court hearing from the SOS for a citation you received in MI.
Substance Use Evaluation
Submit this form to the MI SOS when appealing a decision to suspend your driver's license because of drug/alcohol-related charges

Commercial Forms

CDL Self Certification
Use this form to self certify as an excepted OR non-excepted interstate OR intrastate commercial driver with the MI Secretary of State.
Commercial Driver License Certification
Submit this form to the MI Secretary of State to disclose your eligibility for a CDL and to certify the type of commercial driving you intend to perform.
Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Submit this medical examination form to the SOS as part of your application for a MI commercial driver's license. Must be completed by a medical professional.
Medical Examiner Certificate
Medical certificate you must complete and carry with a Michigan CDL. Must be completed by your doctor.

Military Forms

Application for Military Skills Test Waiver
Skills test waiver for Michigan CDL applicants who recently drove a commercial vehicle during military service.

Disability Forms

Application for a Disability License Plate
Apply for disability Michigan license plates with the SOS. Must be completed by a medical professional.
Disability Parking Placard Application
Apply for Michigan disability placards through the SOS. Must be completed by your doctor.

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application
Register to vote AND request an absentee ballot if you're currently living outside Michigan.
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