DUI Attorneys in Michigan

SUMMARY: Michigan DUI Attorneys

If you're charged with driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol (DUI)—also known as DWI—you should hire an attorney with experience handling these types of charges. Michigan has serious DUI penalties, so a lawyer can be an invaluable resource.

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Read below to learn more about selecting, hiring, and working with DUI attorneys in Michigan.

Choosing a Michigan DUI Attorney

You'll find many DUI attorneys in Michigan. The tips below may help you choose which lawyer to hire:

  • Get a reference from someone you know who may have hired or worked with a DUI attorney.
  • Seek someone with experience handling DWI cases. A divorce attorney may not be the best choice to represent you on a criminal DUI charge.
  • Find a local lawyer who works in your town, city, or county, since they're likely to have worked with the courts and police in your area.
  • Meet with several attorneys before hiring one. A lawyer should offer a free consultation.
  • Ask about an attorney's fees before you hire them, including when the lawyer expects payment and if he or she needs a retainer.

If you aren't sure whether you need a DWI lawyer, you'll find information below about the types of cases handled by DUI attorneys in Michigan.

When to Consider a DUI Attorney

Michigan has several charges for which you might choose a DUI attorney to represent you, such as:

  • Operating while intoxicated (OWI), usually based on a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test or obvious signs of impairment.
  • Operating while visibly impaired (OWVI), which means that your driving ability was clearly compromised.
  • Operating with any presence of a Schedule 1 drug or cocaine (OWPD), which you can be charged with even if you have a small amount in your body.
  • Operating with any BAC if you're under 21 years old.

If you choose to hire a DUI lawyer, you may find that some attorneys have a special focus on certain types of charges, such as charges for minors or OWPD.

DUI Penalties in MI

The type of charge you're facing will in part determine the potential penalties that the court will impose.

For most OWI, OWVI, and similar charges, your penalties can include:

For more information, visit our DUI & DWI in Michigan page.

The variety of penalties you might be responsible for can be confusing and difficult to manage. The risk of missing a deadline, forgetting an appointment, of failing to submit paperwork can be bigger when faced with so many obligations.

A DUI attorney can not only explain your responsibilities to you, but also ensure that you fulfill all of your court requirements.

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