DMV Appointments in Michigan

At this time, the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) allows you to make appointments for certain types of visits to your local SOS office. Keep reading to find out which types of appointments you can make, how to make them, and the required materials you'll need to bring along.

You may be able to avoid a trip to the SOS office altogether by using the time-saving online services provided by the state.

Types of Michigan SOS Appointments

Certain SOS office branches allow you to schedule appointments ahead of time for the following types of driver and vehicle services:

  • MI driver's license:
    • Original.
    • Replacement.
    • Reinstatement.
  • Road skills exam for:
    • Standard driver's license.
    • Motorcycle license.
    • Commercial driver license (CDL).
  • Michigan identification card:
    • Original.
    • Duplicate.
  • Apply for a new title on your:
    • Motor vehicle.
    • Off-road vehicle.
    • Moped.
    • Watercraft.
    • Mobile home.
  • Order official records:
    • Driving record.
    • Vehicle history report.
  • License plate:
    • Original.
    • Renewal.
    • Transfer.
  • Request disability plates and placards.
  • Register to vote.
  • Join the organ donor registry.

How to Make a MI SOS Appointment

For all the appointment types listed above, except for road skills exams, you can schedule your next SOS visit or hold your spot in line by:

Remember, only certain SOS office locations offer the scheduling services listed above. You can double check the list of participating offices on the Secretary of State's webpage.

If you'd like to make an appointment for any type of behind-the-wheel exam, you will need to contact a local third-party tester. Before calling, make sure the tester you're considering offers the road exam specific to the type of license you're trying to get. All road skills tests are administered by third parties only.

What to Bring to Your MI SOS Appointment

You'll avoid multiple trips to the SOS office and save yourself from a lot of frustration by making sure you have all the required materials for your particular type of appointment. Take a look through our guides on the following types of MI SOS visits for an idea of what you'll need to bring along:

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