Traffic Ticket FAQ in Maine

What do I do if I get a traffic ticket in Maine?

After getting cited, decide on your plea. You have one of three options: guilty, no contest or not guilty. The first 2 options require you to pay the fine within 35 calendar days of receiving the citation. If you decide to fight the ticket, you must alert the ME Violations Bureau within 35 calendar days as well.

Can I pay the traffic ticket fine directly to the court house or the police department?

No. All ticket payments are handled by Maine's Violations Bureau. For assistance, call the Violations Bureau at (207) 783-5422.

Whom do I call with questions regarding my traffic ticket fines?

Call your presiding court. The exact court will be listed on your citation.

If I send my ticket in by mail, does the Violations Bureau go by the postmark date?

No. The Violations Bureau goes by the date the ticket is received. If you're approaching the ticket's limit of 35 calendar days, consider dropping it off in person at any Maine state courthouse.

Whom do I make my check or money order payable to?

Make it out to US FUNDS. Be sure to include the ticket number (also known as the Bureau Identification Number) on your payment.

What happens if my ticket has three violations, but I only want to challenge one?

On your citation, mark the appropriate Contested box for the violation you want to challenge. And then mark the Uncontested boxes for the violations you want to pay. Be sure, before sending, to fill in all the needed information, including your current mailing address, as well as payment for the two violations.

How many demerit points can I accumulate on my driving record before my driver's license gets suspended?

Getting too many points against your driving record or more will cause your Maine drivers license to be suspended. Keep in mind that there are particular first time offenses, including OUI and reckless driving, that cause suspensions as well. Consult Maine's Driver's Handbook for a detailed list of demerit points.

What happens if I do not pay my traffic ticket fine within 20 days of receiving the citation?

Your Maine driver's license will be suspended if you do not pay within the given timeframe. You then must pay the ME Violations Bureau the fine for each traffic violation (a ticket can contain up to 4 violations) listed on the citation, along with a $50 late fee for each offense. In addition, you must also pay a driver's license reinstatement fee.

What should I do if I lose my traffic citation?

Call the Maine Violations Bureau at (207) 783-5422. Read more in our Lost Traffic Ticket page.

Why is it important to regularly check my Maine driving record?

It's in your best interest to check your driving record for accuracy, verifying that the point total is correct. This is especially important after receiving a traffic ticket, or completing a Maine Driving Dynamics course. Any erroneously added points could cause your driver's license to be suspended, and/or cause a spike in your car insurance rates.

What are the advantages of hiring a traffic attorney?

A traffic lawyer's advice can greatly aid your case when fighting a traffic ticket. Legal counsel will improve your chances of having your charges reduced, or even dismissed, which could, depending on your driving situation, spare you from having your ME driver's license suspended or revoked.

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