Replacing a Lost License in Maine

Replacing Your Maine Driver's License

If you've lost your Maine noncommercial digital driver's license, or it's been stolen, you'll need to replace it as quickly as possible. In many cases, you can easily replace your license online. If you do not yet have a digital license or a credit card, you will have to go to your nearest Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office.

Continue reading this page to get all the information you need to replace your lost or stolen driver's license in Maine.

NOTE: If you need to replace a lost or stolen CDL in Maine, please jump over to our page about Replacing a Lost CDL.

Upgrading to a REAL ID

If you wish to replace a non-compliant license with a REAL ID-compliant license, follow the steps for a first-time license application.

Applying for a Duplicate License in Maine

You can submit a request for a duplicate copy of your Maine driver's license online, by mail, or in person at your local ME BMV office.

If you need to change your name or address, be sure handle those tasks first.

REAL ID Licenses in Maine

If you wish to replace your standard license with a REAL ID-compliant license, you'll need to do so in person and follow the steps for a first-time REAL ID application. Jump over to our license application guide for details.


Rapid Renewal is available online for any Maine driver who holds a noncommercial digital driver's license. Although it's called "Rapid Renewal," this is the service you will use to replace a lost driver's license (you could just as well call it "Rapid Replacement").

There are some restrictions to using Rapid Renewal to replace your lost or stolen driver's license. You cannot use the service if any of the following are true:

  • Your driving privilege is suspended.
  • You hold a commercial driver's license.
  • You hold a driver's license from another state.
  • You changed your name or address since your last driver's license renewal.

For other restrictions on renewing your driver's license, please read the Rapid Renewal page.

If you're eligible, you'll need to have the following available to make the online replacement service work:

  • A Social Security number.
  • A valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard) for the $5 fee.
  • A printer hooked up to the computer your are using to go online.

Ordering a duplicate license through Rapid Renewal is a relatively simple process. Once you're finished, the system will allow you to print out a temporary replacement driver's license that you may use while a new digital license is mailed to you.


  1. The temporary license is good for 60 days. The digital replacement should arrive in your mailbox within 3 weeks.
  2. If you are out of state, you can order a replacement license through Rapid Renewal. Make sure you list the mailing address where you are staying and the license will be shipped to your current address while retaining the Maine address on your license.
  3. Caution: An out-of-state police office may not honor the temporary paper license that the Maine BMV allows drivers to use until they get their replacement.

In Person

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to use the Rapid Renewal system, you may of course replace your driver's license by visiting your nearest BMV branch office. You'll need to:

  • Bring 2 documents of identification, such as your:
    • Social Security card.
    • Certified birth certificate.
  • Pay the $5 fee.

As long as your driver's license is up-to-date and not up for renewal, you will not be required to take an eye exam during the replacement process.

NOTE: All drivers who hold a commercial driver's license are required to go to a BMV office to replace it.

By Mail

You can also request a duplicate ME driver's license by mail. This is especially helpful when you're out of state or out of the country. You'll need to:

  • Send a letter to the Maine BMV that lists your name, date of birth, and current address.
  • Send a written statement of explanation for your request (i.e. what happened to your missing license).
  • Be sure to include a $5 check for processing.
  • Mail your request to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
License Information Unit
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

You can expect to receive your replacement driver's license in the mail within 3 weeks.

Replacement for Out-of-State Residents

If you're currently out of state or out of the country and you've lost your identification, you may request a duplicate by mail. Follow the steps listed above for mail-in replacements.

Make sure to include:

  • Your current out-of-state address.
  • A written explanation of what has happened to your original Maine driver's license.

For further details, or if you have specific circumstances, contact the Maine BMV.

Reporting a Missing License in Maine

When your ME driver's license goes missing, you're at risk for far more than just a traffic ticket. Identity theft is a growing and dangerous issue, and a lost or stolen driver's license can lead to dire consequences if the wrong person gets their hands on it.

While not required, it is strongly recommended that you contact the police and file a report as soon as you know that your driver's license is gone. You should also make sure that the BMV is aware of your circumstances, so that they can put a flag on your account in the event of any fraudulent activity. The more proactive you are, the more you're able to protect yourself and your assets.

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