Renewing Your CDL in Maine

License Renewal

Maine CDLs and endorsements last for 5 years if you're 65 years old or under. If you're over 65 years old it's good for 4 years. Before your commercial license expires, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will send you a renewal card for your Maine CDL and any current endorsements.

Here's the good part: You don't have to retake any exams. All you do is take your card into any Maine BMV office and pay $34 for another 5 years. Here's the bad part: Unlike noncommercial licenses, CDLs cannot be renewed online. You have to go in and brave the lines in the Maine BMV.

Endorsement Renewal

Any current endorsements you have will be automatically renewed along with your CDL, with the exception of a hazmat endorsement, which must follow special federal regulations. You may be asked to have a new Medical Examination Report (Form 649-F).

Hazmat Endorsement Rules

Federal regulations require anyone applying for a commercial driver license with an original or renewal hazardous materials (hazmat) endorsement to undergo a security threat assessment. The USA PATRIOT Act requires the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) complete a security threat assessment (background records check) before the BMV will issue a hazmat endorsement. The TSA's website for hazmat endorsement applications contains specific TSA requirements and procedures.

Upgrading Classes or Endorsements

You can upgrade your CDL class from C to B or from B to A at any time. But you have to go through the standard application procedure, including the written and skills exams. The same goes for adding new endorsements to your CDL. The application and exam fee for the upgrade costs $70, and endorsement applications cost $20 each.

New Federal Requirements

You must self-certify your type of vehicle operation with the Maine BMV. This means you must self-certify one of the following driving categories:

  • Non-Excepted Interstate
  • Excepted Interstate
  • Non-Excepted Intrastate
  • Excepted Intrastate

If you choose Non-Excepted Interstate, you must provide the BMV with a federal medical certificate.

Submit a completed self-certification CDL Medical Self-Certification (Form MVE-64C) by:

  • Faxing to (207) 624-9339
  • Scanning as a Word document or PDF and e-mailing to
  • Mailing to:
    • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    • CDL Compliance Unit
    • 29 State House Station
    • Augusta, ME 04333

Questions? Call (207) 624-9000, ext. 52126.


CDL Medical Self-Certification
Self-certify as an excepted OR non-excepted interstate OR intrastate commercial driver when applying for a ME CDL.
Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Medical exam required to determine driver eligibility for a CDL in Maine. Must be completed by a medical professional.
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