DMV Practice Tests in Maine

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Maine

Practice makes perfect. When you've practiced for your written license exam, you'll feel confident in your ability to pass. Learn about practice tests, why it's important to take one, and the types of tests from which you can choose..

What Is a Practice Test?

A practice test is basically a study guide that is presented in written test format to help you prepare to take a written test in Maine.

Each question you'll find on these industry-leading practice tests has been created from information taken directly from the Maine driver manual.

For your convenience, you can complete these tests online, and you'll get immediate feedback on your answers.

Why Take a Practice Test?

The BMV recommends studying the Maine driver manual to prepare for a written exam. However, this can be time-consuming and may not adequately prepare you for the types of questions you'll see.

An alternate option is to prepare for the exam with a practice test offered by certified partner. They are designed to help you learn the information quicker and retain it longer.

The practice tests offered here also features two types of formats for studying:

  • Test Mode. Just like the real exam, in this mode you'll receive a full test like you'd see when you took the real exam. You will be scored once you complete all the questions on the exam.
  • Study Guide Mode. This mode will help you learn in chunks by asking questions and giving your feedback as you go, until you are able to answer them all.

Types of Practice Tests

Each practice test is presented to you in an online format, but they can also be printed and studied anywhere, even at the BMV. You can choose either a basic test or a more comprehensive test with double the number of questions for added preparation.

See below for the types of practice tests offered in Maine.

  • Permit Practice Tests. Created for new drivers seeking to apply for their Maine learner's permits, this test includes questions relates to traffic laws, road signs, and rules of the road.
  • Driver's License Practice Tests. Developed for adult drivers who have not previously held a driver's license (or drivers in Maine that have to retake their exam for some reason, e.g., due to a license suspension).
  • Motorcycle Practice Tests. These exams contain questions about the rules of the road for those hoping to obtain a motorcycle license in Maine.
  • CDL Practice Tests. CDL practice tests are comprised of questions related to getting a commercial driver's license in Maine.
  • CDL Endorsement Practice Tests. These practice tests were created to help ME drivers obtain certain endorsements for their commercial driver's license. These are often required for drivers who operate commercial vehicles for a living.
  • Road Sign Practice Tests. These practice tests will help drivers become familiar with road signs they might see while on Maine roadways.
  • Examen De Practica Para La Licencia (Practice Tests in Spanish). These tests are geared toward drivers who speak Spanish as their first language.

Supplemental Resources

If you want to make sure you really understand the rules of the road and ace that exam, check out the following additional study tools:

  • Driver Prep Test. You can take this multimedia, interactive study course to get a full lesson on the rules of the road.
  • StudyGuides. You can use these printable condensed guides to study on the go.

About the Written Exam in Maine

Once you're familiar with all the material featured in your practice test or if you have studied the driver manual, it's time to head to your local BMV office to take the written test.

It's always smart to save time and make an appointment. Remember, you'll need:

  • 2 documents as proof of identification.
  • Social Security number.
  • Birth certificate or passport (if 22 years old or younger).

NOTE: If you hold a valid passenger car driver's license from another state you can transfer it to the same class of license in Maine without taking the written test.

For more information about what you'll need to apply for a license, visit one of the following pages:

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